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How to organize a holiday for mom


Mom is the most dear, closest person, so you need to take care of the surprise on her birthday in advance. Today it is no longer relevant to give kitchen utensils, souvenirs or household appliances. For her, she wants to pick up something interesting and special to please on this festive day, showing her respect and sincere attitude. You need to think carefully about a suitable surprise and choose it with love, imagination and a pure heart..

Birthday surprises for mom

It has long been known that the gift itself is not so important as your attention paid to a loved one. For mom, you will forever remain a child, for her it is very important to feel loved and needed.

Let's consider the most interesting ideas that will help prepare a wonderful birthday surprise for mom.

Today, almost no holiday is complete without a beautiful delicious cake decorated with candles. It will not be completely ethical to use the number of candles corresponding to the age of your mother, because she is already young, judging by the usual chronology, but her soul will always remain young. Here it should be done differently: decorate the cake with 18-20 candles, symbolizing the number of gifts or flower bouquets that the birthday girl will receive, or the number of pleasant changes awaiting her in the future, etc. The main thing is to show imagination, because you know your mom best, therefore, all surprises made from a pure heart with good intentions will always be the best. She will surely appreciate all efforts and feel your sincere love.

Verse, song or original greeting

Inviting relatives and friends is a very standard procedure, however there is room for pleasant surprises here. Surprise your guests with your talent: read a poem for mom, sing a song or say an original greeting, which will surely please both the hero of the occasion, and the guests.

Be creative

An original surprise can be various actions:

  • take beautiful candles and lay them out in your mother’s room or living room,
  • You can present a bouquet made of colorful balloons. Try this: take a large box, write the name of the addressee on it. Next, place balls filled with helium in it and place it at the door of your mother’s room or on the landing. When the birthday girl opens the box, the balls will fly up. In addition, balloons can, for example, decorate a room where a celebration will be held on the occasion of mom's birthday. On the surface of the balls you can write congratulations and all the kind warm words that your loved one needs so much,

  • give mom a beautiful sight from the sky lanterns. These are small paper balls with a burner at the base. Due to the warm air, they rise up and glow in the dark with a charming warm spark. A "flock" of such original flashlights released into the night sky will look very impressive.

Bright holiday or quiet get-togethers?

Before organizing a celebration, you should consider your mother’s personality traits. If she is a stay-at-home and loves privacy, don’t make noisy fun in a restaurant with many guests, because she can feel uncomfortable.

And vice versa, family gatherings in a narrow circle at home can inspire boredom for a person who is used to being in the spotlight and would like to see at his holiday, in addition to relatives, also best friends, neighbors, colleagues and even former classmates.

By the way, today through social networks you can even find her classmates or university friends and invite to the celebration those whom your mother would like to see years later.

Video greetings

Congratulation recorded on video. In this video, all my mother’s friends, colleagues and relatives should say something nice about her and wish her a happy birthday. At the festive table, where all the participants in the video will gather, you must include this small film. Believe me, both your mother and all the "actors" will receive a lot of positive and positive emotions. There are other ideas for creating such a holiday clip. For example, you can ask strangers on the street to congratulate the birthday girl, or you can slowly take your mother on camera in various life situations, and then mount a full-fledged video from this material. The main thing is that mom does not guess about your goals, otherwise the effect of surprise surprise will disappear without a trace. If your mother uses the Internet, then on the eve of her birthday, you can send her a congratulatory film by e-mail or a social network. Such a pleasant unusual surprise will surely please the birthday girl, give her a lot of positive emotions and cheer up.

Surprise effect

  • pleasant words written on asphalt under the window of her apartment,
  • telegram sent by mail
  • bright poster or collage with family shots,
  • a huge bouquet of flowers delivered by courier directly to work or home,
  • telephone audio congratulation,
  • a bright postcard that you quietly put in your mother’s bag or placed on the windshield of the car.

There can be a huge number of options, fantasize - and the original surprise will be the most unusual and memorable!

Choose a venue for the holiday

Another important criterion for organizing a holiday may be the well-being of your mother. For example, if you choose a restaurant in the other end of the city, even if it is the best, but to which an elderly person will be tiring to get there due to health reasons, this may not be a very good start to the holiday.

A car cannot always help out in such a situation, especially if you have to to be stuck in traffic. In any case, it is better to choose a place closer to home or in the center, so that guests can conveniently get to the venue and back home.

If the weather and circumstances allow, you can arrange a holiday in the country, but it is worthwhile to clarify in advance whether all guests will be able to come and, if possible, arrange the delivery of guests. Remember that such an event assumes that most guests are likely to stay overnight.

Bulk SMS

Ask all your friends and acquaintances to send mom SMS messages with pleasant congratulations. All wishes must be signed by your name.. Just imagine: your mother will receive congratulations filled with love and sincerity throughout the day. The birthday girl will be pleasantly surprised by such an unusual surprise.

Financial issue

So, you have decided on the place, now let's talk about the most, perhaps, the most important - the financial issue. Of course, it all depends on the importance of the event. If your mother celebrates, for example, a 50th birthday, and not an ordinary birthday, then there will be more costs, although it all depends on her preferences and the number of guests.

How to organize a holiday for mom

In any case, the scope of the holiday depends on your financial capabilities. If they allow, it is easiest to contact a special service that organizes the holidays. Employees of the company will take into account all the nuances, pick up a place, time, menu, entertainment for every taste and age. Your task in this case will be to invite guests and deliver your mother to the holiday.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a holiday with expensive snacks, a huge cake, an orchestra and fireworks, so in this article we will consider a budget option for the development of events.

Tasty, fun and inexpensive

The venue of the feast is a house or a summer residence. If you don’t want to waste time preparing meals, opt for an inexpensive cafe. You can agree with its employees that you buy alcohol yourself, it will turn out cheaper and you will not be delivered a tasteless cheap wine at an overpriced price.

If you will arrange gatherings at home, it would be nice to free your mother from cooking dishes for the festive table. Invite a close relative or girlfriend to culinary helpers.

Products can be bought at the wholesale market if there are many guests invited.

Do not forget to bake your mother’s favorite cake or order it in the pastry shop. By the way the cake may be themed, depending on your mom’s profession or hobbies. This treat is always the highlight of the program.

After you have decided on the menu, you should think about how to create a festive atmosphere, that is, about decorating the room or room where guests will gather. Of course, if you are celebrating a holiday at home, first of all, you need to spend spring cleaning.

Buy colorful balloons, put in each note with wishes, inflate and hang on the walls. In principle, this is not necessary, because a holiday is for adults, but even it will be interesting for them to "fortune-tell" on balls.

Do not forget about table setting. Under each plate, you can put a card with wishes for mom (in verse or comic). Ask the guests to read out the messages, it can be recorded on video or take a photo as a keepsake, and then make an album for mom from them.

Gift Ideas

Your mother is a modest person and does not admit what she would like to receive as a gift? It's okay, just proceed from her hobbies or give something that will facilitate her daily work.

How to organize a holiday for mom

  • if your mother loves to embroider, give her a canvas fastener or a beautiful set with patterns and a floss.
  • for a fan of sewing, there will always be joy a new set of sewing accessories, a sewing machine with many options, beautiful fabrics.
  • for a lover of knitting, you can choose a knitting machine or beautiful yarn.
  • for cooks, kitchen appliances and various appliances, as well as a set, will never be superfluous quality cookware.
  • make it easier for mom and give slow cooker or double boilerthen she will not have to stand at the stove for a long time, and she will be able to cook all the dishes in this technique - from soup to baking.
  • every woman will be happy with her beloved perfumes, fashionable and comfortable clothes (it is important to guess with the size), new bedding, beautiful and cozy blanket etc.
  • if mom likes to watch TV shows and talk shows, then a good TV with the function of recording her favorite program will not interfere. You can pre-program the timer and channel to record something interesting, and then watch in your free time.
  • order a photo album for your mom in a professional studio, for this you need to choose the most memorable photos and come up with interesting inscriptions. Such albums are printed on high-quality glossy paper and more reminiscent of a family magazine or book.
  • Remember to buy your mother’s favorite flowers.

And finally, I want to say that the most important gift for mom is your attention, love and care. Have a great holiday!

Adventure and quests

  • if you are going to present a gift at home, you can hide it and play the well-known game "Cold - Hot" in everything, or prepare other exciting tasks,
  • take the birthday girl to the street. To do this, you can send an SMS message or toss a note. On the street, your mother will be waiting for a magnificent fireworks display or a musical orchestra performing your favorite tune. You can also present gifts,
  • invite mom to the restaurant, where she will be waiting for the set table and all invited guests. When preparing such a gift, it must be warned in advance of the holiday exit in order not to be taken by surprise. Saying where you intend to invite her is not worth it, because this is a surprise. At the appointed time, a stranger should bring a letter to your mother saying that you are waiting for her. You can draw arrows on the pavement leading to the car. Further, during the trip, you can come up with a few more interesting tasks. At the end of the trip, a luxurious restaurant awaits the birthday girl, where her closest and dearest people will meet her.

Magic box

An original surprise will be the presentation of a “magic” box of congratulations. All your mom’s friends and acquaintances should write for her small notes or postcards that will contain congratulations, kind words of gratitude or touching stories of which your mother was a member. All these wishes must be put in a beautiful box. You can buy it or do it yourself. Your mother will be happy to re-read such notes again and again, recalling the brightest moments of her life.

Health bag

If your mother appreciates humor and likes to laugh, present her with a “bag of health”. Take a big bag, of course, you need it to be beautiful and bright. Put there many, many apples or oranges. A person with a good sense of humor will definitely appreciate this unusual creative idea, and vitamins have not hurt anyone yet.

"Fluffy lump"

Women who live alone and love animals can be gifted kitten or puppy, however, such a gift should be warned in advance, or at least hinted, otherwise the surprise will turn into an unpleasant situation. The “kit” with the pet must include the necessary accessories: bowls, trays, comb, leash, etc. Take the animal to the veterinary clinic in advance, check its health and do all the necessary vaccinations to save your mother from unnecessary worries. Before the moment of delivery, place the animal in a beautiful box or tie a bright-colored bow on its neck.

How to present surprises?

Each of us likes to receive gifts. Even if your mother asks you not to give anything, claiming that she has everything, it is simply impossible to leave her without a pleasant surprise on her birthday. If you are short of money - it does not matter, even the simplest surprise can be made unforgettable and incredibly enjoyable. In order to realize your idea, you need to fulfill two simple conditions:

  • surprise, if this is some kind of item, it should be wrapped in a beautiful, spectacular package,
  • presenting a gift or giving a surprise should be accompanied by an unusual story or legend.