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Instagram captured Prisma, and on this wave, Russian developers decided to offer something more. The Periodicals app allows users to print their favorite pictures. 20 photos will cost 990 rubles, says high-tech observer Kommersant FM Alexander Levy.

There are many ways to love mobile photography. A small team of enthusiasts from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad believes that the photo is, first of all, memories. And some of these commemorative cards deserve more than just an Instagram post after being processed by Prisma. Based on these considerations, the Periodicals application was created. This is your private family printing house, the authors of the service explain.

With its help, you can order a printout of your favorite photos directly from your smartphone. The user has three options: 20 square shots with fields with a total size of 125 by 125 mm, the same circulation of postcards with dimensions of 100 by 150 mm or a photobook in a soft cover of 40 pages with proportions of 140 by 140 mm.

At the moment, all printouts are performed on one type of photo paper - Mohawk Eggshell. The density of such raw materials is 324 g per square. m, and the texture is called "egg shell". I agree, this does not provide a sufficient idea, so I will quote the description from one profile site: “The Eggshell texture immediately makes it clear that the client is dealing with solid products.”

The cost of printing two dozen pictures and postcards is the same - 990 rubles. The price of a photo book is one and a half times higher - 1490 rubles. Delivery, which is still possible in 72 cities of the country, is already included in this price and is at least two days. Payment is also possible only in cash to the courier. And this means that if you want to give someone a gift with delivery, the recipient will have to pay for his gift.

Tiny print formats upset this more. The quality of even mobile images is excellent now, and I want to enjoy the memories to the fullest. Moreover, the periodical authors dedicated their application to grandmothers, parents and friends.

Service cost

Photo printing at a professional photo lab Fujifilm LP 5700R

Matte / Glossy PaperEmbossed paper
1 day*urgently1 day*urgently
10x15cm (A6) 8.50 r. 25 RUR15,00 rub. 30,00 rub.
15x21cm (A5) RUR 28.00 50,00 rub.30,00 rub. 60,00 rub.
21x30cm (A4) 55,00 r. 150,00 r.85,00 r. 170,00 rub.
30x40cm (A3) 115,00 r. RUR 275.00160,00 rub. 320,00 rub.
30x60cm $ 185.00 400,00 r.RUR 220.00 440,00 rub.
A6 (10x15)25 p.
A5 (15x21)50 p.
A4 (21x30)120 p.
A3 (30x40)250 p.
A2 (42x59.4)980 p.1090 p.
A1 (59.4x84.1)1380 p.1580 p.
A0 (84.1x118.9)2800 p.3200 p.

Additional services

Name of servicePrice, rub.)
Retouching a photo (without price per print)from 500r *
Background replacement (no price per print)300 rub
Correction of the photo (lightening, color balance, change in saturation, removal of red eyes, etc.)30r / pcs.
Duplication of a photo 10x15100 rub
Duplication of the photo 15x21120 rub
Duplication of a photo 21х30230 rub

* The price is negotiated with the employee and depends on the complexity of the ordered retouch

Examples of our work

All copy centers of the Kopirka company are equipped with the latest printing equipment from the best world manufacturers, on which highly qualified specialists of the company will print any complexity in the shortest possible time. In addition to printing ordinary photographs on paper, here you can perform large-format printing on banners, posters, calendars and postcards, as well as apply a photo image to a variety of souvenir products. In addition, the company "Copy" provides a full range of related services - retouching and photo correction, replacing the background, duplication and reproduction of photographs, changing color balance, etc.

You can order urgent printing of photographs of any format in any of the centers of the "Copy" network. In addition, you can order photo printing directly on the website: order now and tomorrow you will receive ready-made photos in the most convenient place for you in any area of ​​Moscow.

Service centers of the company are located in all areas of the capital within walking distance from most metro stations. In copy centers "Carbon copy" you will always receive professional services of the highest quality.

"Carbon copy" - the highest quality at the lowest price!

Design a business card layout

Name of serviceCost
Simple design
(layout of text information)
300 rub *
Design is average
(layout of text information + logo in electronic form)
380-450r *
The design is complex
(layout of text information + scanning, logo completion)
from 550r *
Logo drawingfrom 600 rub *

* the price is negotiated with the employee and depends on the complexity of the work

Save your memory for years to come!

For us, restoring old photographs is not only a favorite work, but also a real art. We will be happy to revive your photos:

  • remove all the flaws and cracks,
  • recover even badly damaged images,
  • preserve the uniqueness of photography and the spirit of a bygone era,
  • we will consider and realize any of your wishes,
  • make a black and white photo color.

Experience and Professionalism

Restoration of your pictures will be undertaken not by ordinary broad-profile photoshoppers, but by photo artists and designers. We can not only restore the photo and remove cracks, but also recreate the person’s face and clothes in the photo, even if they are almost not visible.

During our work, we restored more than 15 thousand damaged images and put together an extensive portfolio. It can be found below. We tackle the most difficult cases and often do what many consider impossible.