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Panties, swimming trunks or shorts.


Properly selected men's swimming trunks can hide many of the shortcomings of your figure. Here are just a few recommendations on how you still need to choose them on the Internet.

Let's start with the main thing. Three types of swimming trunks are distinguished, which are divided into their subspecies.

  • classic for the pool
  • swimming trunks shorts
  • swimming shorts

Classic (for the pool)

  • suitable for both swimming pool and open water
  • do not create excess resistance in water

  • unstable to bleach
  • easy to sunbathe and

Classic is always popular, as for most men - this is the only option under consideration. They simply do not know about the existence of others or consider them not to their taste. They tighten the body and do not create unnecessary resistance while swimming for long distances. For the pool, it is better to give preference to professional clothes, which include starting swimming trunks and hydroshorts. They provide minimal resistance of the fabric to water and thermal insulation, and are also resistant to bleach.

  • suitable for both swimming pool and open water
  • do not create excess resistance in water
  • attract female attention

  • stick out the "virtues"
  • unstable to bleach
  • easy to sunbathe and

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Swim shorts are a cross between shorts and classics. In them you with equal success can comfortably swim in the pool for long distances, and conquer women on the sea beaches. Male dignity will stand out a little from the front, such underwear is recommended for those who want to attract female attention.

Swimming shorts

  • well suited to tall men
  • a feeling of spaciousness (nothing crushes anywhere)
  • ventilation
  • can be used as beach shorts

  • not suitable for long swims (creates excess resistance with water)
  • dries longer

Inside these shorts there is a special hygienic net that protects the genitals and provides ventilation in the air. This look suits both tall men and the owner of a massive figure, although in the second case a narrow style should be avoided. Shorts made of quick-drying material are made, thanks to which they will be dry after 20-30 minutes of exposure to the sun.

Choose a color and pattern

When choosing swimming trunks, you need to pay attention to the type of male figure.

  • Men large build it is best to purchase solid color products, or with some kind of small pattern. In no case with a horizontal strip that will make the already heroic proportions of the figure even greater.
  • Men short stature recommended vertical drawing.
  • And to men normal build lucky most of all, because they can be worn by whatever they like, both in style and color.

With a wide selection, you can pay attention to their color. It should be in good harmony with the skin of the body. For pale skin plain pastel shades should be excluded, but you should not get carried away with bright and flashy colors, which are very characteristic of beach fashion.

The best thing bright colors look on a tanned body, thereby emphasizing the beautiful bronze color of the skin and the relief of the figure.

We study the composition

Fabric is something that should be given special attention. If the product is pleasant to the touch, and the fabric stretches well, a sure sign is that the material is of high quality, but it is better to look into the composition indicated on the label. It must be indicated on all quality products. If it is not, then it is better to put such a thing aside.

Quality swimming trunks and swimwear are made of modern materials, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Most often on labels such designations of materials meet:

  • res - polyester,
  • pa - polyamide,
  • tac - tactile
  • co - cotton
  • ny is nylon.
  • sp - spandex
  • el - elastane,
  • pbt - polybutylene terephthalate
  • lycra - lycra

Particular attention should be paid to those who go to the pool 2-3 times a week. If you do not want to change swimming trunks every six months, you should choose products consisting of polyester and polybutylene terephthalate. For periodic visits to the pool and trips to the sea, a product composition of 80% polyamide (less durable polyester is allowed) and 20% lycra are suitable.

Do not go crazy on the content of lycra. This material gives elasticity and models the figure, but at the same time it does not allow air to pass through and compresses your body, which will create discomfort if you go to the beach for a couple of hours. In addition, lycra does not tolerate chlorinated water.

Famous brands

“Bazaar” brands, as a rule, are not of high quality. It is quite difficult to buy a quality thing in the market or in the supermarket. If you are looking for a thing that will serve you for at least a couple of years, then it is better to go to a sports or company store.

Among the brands that specialize in the manufacture of swimming trunks and swimwear, the following should be highlighted:

It often happens that you have to choose a size without having your husband’s waist nearby, or in an online store when the body is near and the size is on the screen. To determine correctly, you need to make the following measurements:

  • undress to your underpants
  • stand in front of the mirror
  • lean to the side. The fold line of the body is the waist.
  • Feel the pelvic bone (it protrudes slightly from the side)
  • stand upright and measure the waist volume directly above the pelvic bone with a meter.
  • Record the result in centimeters.

Although each model brand has its own variation in size. The average ruler in terms of waist size is approximately the following:

Beach sunset

There is a misconception that the dress code on the beach is not respected only by Russian men.

This is not true - Europeans (for example, elderly Germans) also often do not give a damn about resort aesthetics.

They fit into the washed shorts, then pulled on breeches, then pulled on knee-highs, and then rustled sandals with Velcro.

Bow for the beach is ready, you can move forward.

"Hello, honey, I looked for you great panties for the beach ..."

The problem is that on our peasants all this looks even worse than on foreigners.

I don’t know what this is connected with: either with the fact that ours generally buy cheap clothes, or with the fact that you can immediately see by the swimming Russian uncle how many piles he rolled in the morning.

So, having settled down on the beach, a man in shorts first five minutes basking in the sun, and after that he lifts the carcass from the sunbed and carries it into the water.

At this moment, everyone around them freezes, as if they saw the jellyfish Gorgon. The reason is the luxurious shorts of a beach sex symbol.

Win-win combo: underpants plus puzan plus pivas

Of course, cowards are all pale and in spools - it can be seen that they are reliable, loved and time-tested.

But you can only wear them on the beach in ten cases.

1. If you swim at night and no one sees.

2. If you swim on a private beach and no one sees.

3. If you are sunbathing on a nudist beach (underpants automatically become outerwear).

4. If you forgot both swimming trunks and money in the room, and the hotel is so far from the beach that it’s faster to swim in your underpants a couple of times, realizing how ridiculous it is.

5. If you forgot swimming trunks, but took the money, and in resort shops you could not find your size.

6. If you spent all the money on All-Inclusive, and took with you only cowards for every day and $ 10 for magnets for friends.

7. If the pants are brand new and more expensive than $ 200 (it's really hard to resist the model show).

8. If you have a press like Cristiano Ronaldo (then no one will look at his underpants).

These guys are beach fashion savvy.

9. If you have a huge belly that dangles so that underneath you can’t see any cowards (what a horror).

10. If you are under 7 years old (enjoy, soon your underpants will become a bad man).

In all other cases of the coward — the most severe collective farm.

The formula for wearing underpants on the beach should be this: one summer - once. And this is a very gentle approach.

Swimming trunks in the "underpants" form factor

Immortal Soviet fashion

I did not live in the USSR, but I saw many photographs of those times. Swimsuit style swimsuit - just from there.

On the one hand, there is nothing shameful in them - swimming trunks as swimming trunks. On the other hand, there are a lot of better offers on the market.

No swimming trunks will spoil such a handsome man.

“Swallow” I suggest leaving three categories of buyers:

1. Conservative mothers who acquire a “classic” for the child until the child becomes a teenager and arranges a youth riot.

2. Those who are preparing for a vacation in hypermarkets. There are usually whole racks with these unfortunate "swallows". And if the discount also applies to them, then it’s generally unrealistic to refrain from buying.

3. Those who shook quadriceps all fall, winter and spring. Then swimming trunks-underline the dignity of the figure. No wonder you plowed on the "day of the feet"?

Boxers and Bermuda

The most worthy options.

Boxers - it's like shorts, only synthetic and tight. Modern, relevant, universal, but there is one drawback - you have to buy them by eye, so they can reap.

Boxers - shameful and cool

Close boxers break off the entire thrill of swimming, so it is better to err on the side of a larger size than to buy an S-ku and suffer.

There is another option that for some reason underestimated.

It's about bermuda - colorful shorts that are designed for the beach. Personally, I feel as free as possible in such.

And the bermudas are cool, and the press is alright

They are not only bright and comfortable, but also hide the minuses of the figure - a small belly or short legs. In Bermuda, you can swim and have fun - for example, play soccer or volleyball on the beach.

Visual guide to disguise the belly

But there are two compromises.

The first - Wet Bermudas are noticeably heavier, so walking in them until they dry is not very comfortable.

Second - you can’t sunbathe in Bermuda: they will have to be rolled up in a moronic manner so that the hips do not remain pale.

Perhaps this factor explains the relative unpopularity of beach shorts.

Alright, it's time to take stock

1. Boxers - the most versatile and decent.

2. Bermuda - the most convenient, and even eliminate complexes about the figure.

3. Panties - fit for the role of substitutes (if boxers dry).

4. Conventional underpants - only as a last resort, once a season. Not more!

What are you bathing in?

(4.00 out of 5, rated: 4)

Beach shoes

Beach shoes should be lightweight, comfortable and, preferably, quick-drying. This is where rubber slippers will be good - the very ones about which style magazines do not tire of writing like a bad man when men put them on in the city.

And rightly so: even in a resort town it is better to have shoes to change to go for a walk outside the beach. It can be boat shoes, moccasins or any other light shoes. But rubber slippers are best left in the hotel room. Here's another great option for a city boardwalk, birken stocks, if not the most stylish, but comfortable summer shoes on a cork basis:

Slip-ons or espadrilles will also look good with shorts or light pants:

For stony beaches, and even more so in places where sea urchins and other creatures dangerous to the human foot live, it would be useful to have rubber shoes that completely covers the foot. In it, as you know, without fear you can enter the water with an uneven bottom:

In the photo above, the shoes of Swims, a rather popular Norwegian brand, they also make good galoshes.


Depending on the style of swimming trunks (see below) and the rest of the clothes, you can choose a hat. We’ll name three options that will simultaneously protect you from sunstroke and successfully complement your beach set:

Choose natural breathable materials: straw (for a hat), or cotton for a panama hat or cap. Synthetic fabrics are not the best choice for hot weather.
In the photo: Club Monaco hat, Panama Gitman, J.Crew baseball cap.

If you are relaxing with a girl, then all the little things (glasses, a book, gadgets) can be put in her beach bag (I usually do that). This is convenient, as it eliminates the need to buy a men's beach bag. On the other hand, you, in turn, can save your companion from carrying extra weights and put all things in your own. Then you should take a closer look at the following options:

Tot bag (a spacious bag with two long handles) is perhaps the most obvious choice for a beach holiday.

In the photo on the right is a rather expensive vintage Ralf Lauren bag, but now many manufacturers offer this type of men's bag.

Backpack. In case you are used to taking a lot of things with you.

Travel bag. It can be equipped with a shoulder strap, usually with a zipper. A nice stylish alternative to a backpack.

The French came across such a curious waterproof duffle bag:

In a men's bathing suit we are interested in style, color, as well as material and design.
Colors and drawings can be very different - from modest monophonic to bright and extraordinary:

Very bright and warm colors are suitable for tanned dark skin. For light - dark colors will be good. On vacation, you most likely will need two pairs, so you should take both options - for the first days and the next, when you are already tanning:

Style can play a decisive role, as short swimming trunks and swimming shorts are things, one might say, from different universes.
As for the length, I would not recommend going to extremes and wearing both too short and too long swimming trunks. The option on the left is frankly obscene, on the right is something from the California of the 90s that today does not look stylish:

And here the analogy with shorts suggests itself, since the acceptable length of swimming trunks today is very similar to the actual length of ordinary men's shorts. Here is a range of lengths that you can safely put a man on the beach:

Tight short swimming shorts are possible, but it will still not be quite decent to visit a coastal cafe, a restaurant at the hotel or just walk around the city:

Very short swimming trunks (briefs in English), I repeat, it is not advisable to wear on vacation. Yes, it’s good to swim in them, as they provide minimal resistance to water, but still this is a sporty option (photo on the right).
Such swimming trunks have been in use for a long time, and vintage advertising is replete with fashionable at that time tight-fitting men's bathing suits (only the waist was taller), but times are changing, and today fairly loose swimming trunks-shorts slightly longer than the knee are relevant.

If you like retro or just prefer a classic tailored style even on the beach, then pay attention to models of such a plan:

They are notable for the presence of such elements as ordinary buttons, neat pockets with flaps, side trouser pockets, a closed fastener (tab closure), a narrow silhouette (slim fit). These are really, very stylish swimming trunks.
Compare the James Bond shorts from the 1965 film “Ball Lightning” with Sean Connery in the title role:

You can meet such models with brands such as Orlebar Brown or Parke & Ronen or J.Crew.

Speaking of modern beach fashion for men, it’s worth quoting from Glenn O’Brien’s book “Being a Gentleman”:
“I believe that the perfect bathing suit should be modest, discreet and not dependent on fashion trends. It should not be irony and humor. It should not be gouging Hawaiian shirts. It should not be show off. He must be manly restrained and decent. ”

Glenn O’Brien, of course, an authoritative figure in the field of style, but still this is only his opinion. I don’t think that on a modest, discreet swimming trunks our choice ends. This is summer, and when, if not in summer, wear razdolbaysky bright clothes!

What design features must have swimming trunks to ensure a comfortable stay in the sun and in the water?
Firstly, they must be sewn from nylon or other types of polyester fabric in order to dry quickly. A small addition of cotton (up to 25%) is possible for greater versatility (so that you can swim and use as ordinary shorts).

The following details are also relevant:

  • The mesh inside, so that the swimming trunks do not stick to the body,
  • Pockets for storing trifles, for example, the key to the door of the room, do not interfere
  • Pockets should be equipped with special openings so that water can easily be removed from them,
  • To keep the shorts well on the waist, they must have a reliable fastener. It can be a lace, elastic, Velcro, button, zipper or a combination of both.

Tailored swimming trunks often have adjustable straps for a better fit at the waist (white version in the photo above).
Here are some manufacturers of men's swimwear: Saturdays Surf NYC, Oldebar Brown, Faherty, Parke & Ronen, ÒKUN, Birdwell, Oiler & Boiler, Vilebrequin. And, of course, men's swimming trunks are present in the assortment of many well-known mass, expensive and cheap clothing brands: Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Ralf Lauren, H&M, Uniqlo, Marks & Spencer, Adidas, Nike.

Going to the beach, there is no need to seriously think through combinations, since clothes are a minimum. Nevertheless, some basic principles must be observed. Well, at least pay attention to color combinations: do not mix the motley top with a pattern with the same swimming trunks. Plain top and multi-color swimming trunks will look better or vice versa:

Swimming trunks for different types of figures
Особенности телосложения могут влиять на то, какие плавки на вас будут смотреться наиболее выигрышным образом. От пропорций вашей фигуры зависит, какой стиль вам следует предпочесть.

Если вы высокий, вам пойдут достаточно длинные плавательные шорты чуть выше колен. And vice versa, with small growth, such swimming trunks will visually reduce growth - a shorter model is needed here.
It is also worth keeping in mind that vertical stripes are slimmer, and they should be preferred to large men.

The horizontal strip will fit thin, such a pattern makes the figure visually larger.

For a more detailed classification by type of figure, I advise you to refer to the article of the authoritative blog Gentleman's gazette, where the author describes the features of the models and colors for six types: “Tall and muscular”, “Tall and thin”, “Big and tall”, “Low and muscular” , “Low and thin”, “Low and large”. I think you can easily classify yourself as one of them and define your swimming trunks style more precisely.

Well, all a happy, hot summer. Be stylish. And one more thing: at least on vacation, take a look at the screens of gadgets, better enjoy the real nature.

1. The right swimsuit

The easiest way to look good on the beach is to choose the right swimsuit size. If you choose one that is a little small, in some places the body will bulge slightly. In other places, he will simply press very hard, which provokes the appearance of unpleasant inflamed red spots. As for the chest, if the bra is also chosen incorrectly, it just starts to fall out, too, agree, the sight is not a pleasant one. If you feel that this year you will have to buy a swimsuit a size larger, without panic, then you just need to pull yourself together.

As a rule, a swimsuit is selected in size by about two smaller than ordinary clothes. In the end, these are just the numbers on the label, only you will see them. Most importantly, he sat well on you.

2. Focus on your merits

Each of us perfectly understands which advantages of her figure are worth showing, and which are still worth covering up. Nevertheless, when we are on the beach, the rules are somewhat more complicated, because we have to face the “court” of those around us in almost what our mother gave birth to. The trick is to draw attention to what you like best about your figure.

3. Pick the one that suits you

Nowadays there are no problems with clothes, there are a huge number of styles and shapes that are perfect for girls of various sizes. Someone sometimes should still make their choice in the direction of the fixed cups or refuse an incision on the back. Perhaps you should not open your stomach or, conversely, you should open it. Work with your shortcomings, explore options. Each of us can choose a swimsuit, do not be afraid to experiment or try some crazy options. Perhaps this is what will suit you.

4. The right time for shopping

If you are going to go shopping to choose a swimsuit, try to choose the right day for this. Do not go when you ate too many foods high in carbohydrates. It’s best to go on an empty stomach somewhere in the morning. Such a state will help to objectively assess how you look in a particular swimsuit, and besides, you will like yourself a lot more. And when you are already a little tan, you yourself will like a lot more.

How about playing a little with the color of a swimsuit? Buy several different colors and gradually change them. If you have enough pale skin, it is better not to start immediately with bright shades, but rather switch to them gradually, from pale to bright. Start with neutral colors, brown or beige, then start wearing more fun colors. Neon colors of swimsuits attract attention very much, however on pale skin they do not look very well. Try to be objective towards yourself, and then you will be more satisfied with yourself.

6. The burdens of choice

Swimwear is not just chosen by size, it is very important to understand how well it sits, so you should not rely on one label. Sometimes it happens that the butt in a swimsuit looks just perfect, but the chest pops so high out of the bra that you can put a glass on it, agree, it’s not the best choice. Be smart and accurate, maybe you should “mix” two different sizes to make your body look really chic.

Many of us will have to work hard to look really gorgeous on the beach. Do not worry, it just so happened. Better make as much effort as possible in order to choose a great option. You may need to spend a lot of time to find the very swimsuit of your dreams.