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How can I block a contact in Imo Messenger


IMO Messenger is a text messaging service. He also easily copes with the tasks of making voice and video calls. The program works without crashes and lags. After installing and registering the messenger, subscribers who are pulled from the phone book will appear in it.

As in any other messenger, here you can add people to a kind of black list, so as not to receive messages and incoming calls from him.

User Lockout in IMO

For those who are interested in how to block a contact in the IMO, follow these steps:

  • Open application
  • Go to the tab “Contacts»,
  • Choose the victim that we send to the ban and open his profile,
  • Click “Delete"(At the same time, the user will remain in your phone book, but he will not be in imo),
  • After which the “Block". We click on it and confirm the intention to add the person to the list of banned

People sent to the Black List will not be displayed in the application’s address book.

How to unlock a user in the IMO

If you want to correspond with a person again, you need to know how to unlock a contact in imo. For this:

  • We go into the utility.
  • Go to the settings and select "Blocked Contacts«.
  • Press the appropriate button opposite the desired subscriber

If you place the subscriber in the “block list” of the application, he will not be able to send messages and call you. Blocked friends will not be able to see when you are online. Adding to the ban is a good alternative to removal, since at any time you can return everything to its place and continue your communication with a friend.

If a friend is an enemy

In this situation, it is better to put a lock on the contact. You can save yourself from calls using the appropriate programs for managing profiles. But Imo itself also conceals the possibility of blocking contact. You need:

  • launch the application,
  • find there tab "Contacts",
  • select an objectionable user and open his profile,
  • to press Delete.

This will result in the contact itself remaining in your phone book, but it will not be in Imo. If you reconcile with this subscriber, then he can be "pulled out" of the blocking state.

Only this is done through the settings, where there is a button Blocked Contacts. It remains to select the desired entry and unlock it. Now you know how to block a contact in Imo, and that there are escape routes.

Why do I need a blacklist

If you decide to install IMO, it will be easier for you to control your social circle. You will not be able to call or write people who are unpleasant, or with whom you are in a quarrel. A subscriber added to the black list will not see your status and will not be able to contact you through this messenger.

Instead of blocking, you have the right to remove the enemy from the list. But in this case, it will be more difficult for you to return it back to your smartphone: you will have to re-enter the data and look for a person in the system. It is much easier to lock it for a while, and then restore it with two clicks.