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How to use antiques in home improvement


The acquisition of antiques is considered one of the reliable ways to invest money. Over time, antique products are guaranteed to rise in price, and currency and gold can dramatically lose value. Therefore, the antiques market always remains quite active.

To own things that adorn everyday life and at the same time can become a source of income - a great temptation for connoisseurs of antiquity, and just for enterprising people. Demand for antiques makes it possible to benefit all participants in such a market.

Where to begin? How to develop this business? The readers of the magazine tell about all this. Reconomica our guest from the city of Yaroslavl Anna Solntseva.

A few words about yourself and business

My name is Anna Solntseva, I am 35 years old, and I live in the city of Yaroslavl.

A few years ago, in 2015, I became interested in vintage and antiques, or rather, the business of selling vintage and antiques.

Vintage are considered things whose age is from 30 to 50 years. Things that are more than 50 years old are already antiques.

I am engaged in this business and now - I like to find new interesting things, determine their value and sell these things to collectors. Of course, my business is small, not on the scale of an expensive antique store, but this business is quite scalable.

Why exactly the sale of vintage and antiques

How did you come up with the idea of ​​selling vintage items? The fact is that I inherited an apartment from my grandmother - an apartment literally clogged with various Soviet things. Some of these things were just old clothes or useless boxes and household trifles. But the other part is more interesting:

  • figurines
  • dishes,
  • antique (and as it turned out, expensive!) chairs,
  • Christmas toys and decorations.

I kept some things for myself, in memory of my grandmother, and decided to sell the rest. And so began my journey in antiques.

At that time, I did not have a business plan, I have not yet considered that this activity is serious. I just wanted to sell things at a market price, not at the prices that antique shops could offer.

Badges of the early USSR. Such badges are called “heavy” (by weight of metal), and they cost from 300 rubles. a piece.

How to determine the value of vintage and antiques

The very first task was to determine the value of those things whose owner I was. Of course, there were mistakes and mistakes, but fatal errors were avoided. For example, I almost sold Vienna chairs for 100 rubles per chair, and their market price is from 1,500 rubles per chair!

Where did I determine the value of vintage and antiques? I didn’t have confidence in antique shops in my city, and it’s not such rarities that a line of antique dealers is lined up for them.

I decided to deal with the definition and sale of vintage items on the Internet. At the moment, on the Internet there are several specialized forums on antiques, social groups. networks dedicated to vintage and antiques.

My assistant is the Internet

I started by registering at the Antique Forum, the largest antique forum, and putting my things on attribution and evaluation. (Attribution is the determination of the time and place, the factory for the manufacture of the item.) It was there that they determined the year and brand of the Vienna chairs of the Thonet brothers, they found expensive and rare among my Christmas decorations, and much more.

There are special groups for evaluating antiques and vintage on Facebook and Vkontakte, and anyone can enter there.

If interested, then it is possible to attribute it to antique dealers, and then compare prices. It also happens that antique dealers are ready to buy your thing at the price of the market and Internet resources, and even more expensive. This happens when, for example, an antique dealer knows a collector who will really need your item.

How to put a vintage or antique item on sale

Let us examine the example of the "Antique Forum", which I wrote about above. In addition to attribution and evaluation, there is a sale on the forum. Putting goods for sale is very simple: you write the minimum price for which you are ready to sell, attach a description of the goods (not silent about the shortcomings) and a photo of the goods.

If you sell something for which there is a demand, they will buy it very quickly and also arrange an auction.

And if you put a high price or is it a fairly common thing that many collectors already have, then your product can be sold for months.

Subtotals of my work

As a result, only through this forum, from March to October 2015, I sold things worth about 44,000 rubles, of which:

  • 6 Vienna chairs for 11,000 rubles,
  • three Christmas decorations of the Soviet era for 9,000 rubles,
  • rare snow maiden of the 60s for 6 500 rubles and so on.

She sold dishes, Christmas decorations, figurines, children's toys and so on.

This type of business took very little time - it was only necessary to put the goods for attribution, and then for sales through an auction. Well, then, of course, send by mail or by a transport company.

I was fascinated by the world of antiques and vintage that I touched. I liked the polite and professional communication on the forum, and after reading the various branches and discussions of the forum, I decided that I could deal with the sale more seriously.

Then there was a forced break in sales for a couple of years - I went to live in another country. Upon arrival, in 2017, I again returned to the sale of vintage and antiques, and now I continue to do this.

A rare and expensive Christmas tree toy “Hut on Chicken Legs”. Sold for 6000 rubles.

Business development now

What am I doing now? I search through the forums of my city, through groups in the social. networks of people selling cheap vintage things - more often these are ordinary people in a hurry to get rid of their grandmother's “junk”.

I don’t buy expensive antique things, I buy what someone sometimes even just throws away:

If necessary, I put things in order (for example, toys), and then sell them in specialized forums and sales groups, as well as on Avito and Yulia: dolls in groups of doll lovers of the USSR, dishes on the "Antique Forum", I just publish something in profile groups on Facebook and Vkontakte, or on bulletin boards.

For example, I will indicate my costs and profits for August 2018. I must say right away that in the sale of antiques, August, like all the summer months, is considered not the most profitable.

So, I bought things in the amount of 4,200 rubles, and sold in August in the amount of 12,100 rubles. And some of these things have not yet been sold (tentatively, in the amount of 5,500 rubles).

Tips for doing this business

  • Do not take it all at first.

Choose for yourself 2-3 priority areas. For example, children's and Christmas toys. So it will be easier for you - you will quickly learn to distinguish between rare and expensive toys.

  • Work with all sources of sales and purchases on the Internet.

Find groups on Vkontakte, in Odnoklassniki, on Facebook. Find themed forums and antiques auctions. Look for those who sell vintage items on Avito, on city forums and on social networks.

  • Build a reputation for yourself.

If this is a forum, then follow the rules of sales, gain a seller rating and never let the buyers down even in the details. If you say that send the goods today, then send today or do not promise exactly. Communicate always politely and correctly. If you sell through social networks - collect customer reviews, so you will have more confidence. For example, on my page in Vkontakte I made myself a separate album with reviews, and, believe me, they are watching these reviews.

  • Work to the maximum with customers.

Find out that he / she still collects, maybe they need something else. And then, when you have this thing, you can offer it to someone who has already bought from you. Also look at requests from buyers - in groups on social networks these will be albums with the name “I am looking for, buy” or similar names.

  • Learn, remember, compare, look at the prices of leaving objects at auctions.

Here, literally, your knowledge = your money. Study the demand, find out what antique things are really hunted by collectors, and which ones are full on sale, and sales are worth it.

  • Separately, it must be said about the delivery, mail and its employees.

Since you will send the items by Russian post, be sure to include the delivery immediately. On average, this is 150-300 rubles - it depends on the weight of the parcel and the range of the destination region. Post boxes are sold at the post office, the price of the smallest is from 50 rubles. But you can save money and not buy mail boxes, but send them in any other boxes without inscriptions, or in boxes wrapped in paper without inscriptions and pictures. I send in boxes and packages from under different things - I simply wrap the box in thick plain paper (I have old wallpapers on the back), paste the address of the sender and the recipient. Such parcels are calmly received at the post office. Well, and another obvious, but important advice: maintain good relations with mail workers, they can tell you how to send cheaper or skip you out of turn.

  • Do not send items by cash on delivery.

Why is that? When you send cash on delivery, the buyer can change his mind or spend money on another, or find cheaper and closer. And then no one will pick up your goods at the post office - as a result, you have an unsold item, loss of time and money (you will have to pay for the return).

  • Do not expect quick results.

The antiques market, on the one hand, is very conservative and slow - perhaps you can’t sell something for six months or more. And something else, at a high price, will be dismantled like hot cakes. But in any case, you can always sell a thing by lowering its price. Over time, you will develop a flair for those things that "look like a hundred, and cost tens of thousands." You will simply be very good at what is considered an antique or vintage rarity.

Antique pre-revolutionary plate of the Kuznetsov factory. Sold for 1,800 rubles at auction.

The nuances of the antique business

I really do not recommend buying from people from other cities. Buy antiques for sale only in person - this way you will protect yourself from fraud and be able to assess the real state of things. And it’s also important: to be very careful when buying those goods that are a lot fake. These are coins and porcelain figurines, as well as some badges. Strive to learn about the subject, its history as much as possible, if in doubt, ask a question in the antiques rating group by attaching a photograph.

This business is suitable for those who are interested in vintage and antique things, and who are not looking for easy sales and simple goods. In my opinion, selling antiques is not always easy, but always interesting.

The big advantage of vintage and antiques sales is that this product will never become obsolete or go out of fashion, on the contrary, such things only get more expensive over the years.

Basic rules for the use of antiques

In order to correctly arrange valuable things in the house, you need to have certain knowledge so that it is possible to combine objects favorably. Antiques include paintings and vases, tapestries and ceramics, furniture, utensils and appliances.

Interesting! To make the room look as presentable and stylish as possible, you need to choose the right things from time to time. In the same room should be things of the same stylistic direction.

When installing antiques, there are several important points to keep in mind:

  • First you need to determine the place for each expensive thing. They must be combined with the interior and furniture, complement it.
  • A large baroque vase with patterns and stucco should be installed in a similar room. Antiques can not be combined with rooms decorated in the style of hi-tech, minimalism, loft and more.

  • If in one room there will be a large amount of antiques, it should be as spacious as possible. The small-sized apartment stuffed with antiques looks unattractive.
  • It is not necessary to equip the entire house in a classic style, you can design "antique" just one room, for example, a living room or office.
  • Antiques are perfectly complemented by heavy blackout curtains with lampshades, carved ceiling plinths, panels.

If antique dishes, crystal and porcelain are stored in the room, you need to purchase a special open cabinet for this. It is better that it be glazed. Porcelain must be constantly cleaned from dust. The dishes are laid on beautiful lace napkins.

Attention! A room in ancient power must be supplemented with large mirrors with gilded frames, original paintings of a century ago. Additionally, you can mount old lamps on the wall, expensive Persian rugs can be put on the floor.

When installing antiques in a room, you need to pay special attention to the decoration. It is better to cover the walls with expensive wallpaper; for the floor, it is recommended to choose natural parquet or ceramic tiles for the finish. In addition, it is worth taking care of high-quality lighting so that antiques look as attractive as possible.

As for furniture, it is better to purchase the same antique items. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to make such a waste. In this case, new furniture can be artificially aged. From this, it will not look worse, will not spoil the interior, but rather emphasize the wonderful taste of its owner.

Important! In the living room, in addition to porcelain, paintings and vases, you can install an old mechanical clock, you need to install a leather sofa with high legs, a rocking chair, an expensive wooden table with carvings, a fireplace, candles.

When arranging an apartment or cottage in an old style using antiques, it is better to seek the help of a specialist who will help you to acquire high-quality valuable things, to arrange them correctly, and to carry out room repairs.

Do you use valuable antiques for your apartment?