Useful Tips

How to decorate a notebook


If you did not find a notebook with a suitable design in the store, try to design it yourself using wrapping paper and glue. This option is considered the simplest, so it is suitable even for those who have never done anything like it. Modern technology is moving at a tripled speed, so in the stationery stores you can easily find both simple wrapping paper, and with the adhesive base already applied to it.

If you decide to wrap the notebook in this way, choose a paper that is not very dense, otherwise it will be quite problematic to do this. For a classic wrap, a base without springs is suitable.

How to work with paper

Wrapping a notebook cover is pretty simple. Having measured the required size on the expanded notebook, cut a rectangle several centimeters larger than required. Now start wrapping. First, the vertical sides of the notebook, and then, slightly pulling, horizontal. Fix each hem with glue. And if one of the edges does not want to bend, slightly cut it with scissors.

If you only have a spring one and you don’t know how to arrange a notebook of this kind, do not worry, this is also possible. Only it does not turn around completely, but partially. To do this, cut out pieces of paper that are suitable in size and just stick it on the cover, bending and carefully gluing along the edges.

Notebook decoration with cloth

In order to beautifully design a notebook, you can use fabrics. You don’t have to go to the store. Surely in the bins of every mistress there is a box with scraps. So why not make a craft out of a regular hand-made notebook?

You can also add small flat buttons, sequins, lace or braid to various pieces of fabric. And then it's up to the small. Cut out any figures from the fabric and use the glue gun to stick them on the outer surface of the product. Notebooks decorated in this way can become not only a favorite thing of the needlewoman herself, but also a great gift for loved ones.

What is interesting inside?

So, with the cover, everything is clear. Next, consider how to design a notebook from the inside. One of the interesting and practical ideas in the design of a notebook is a bookmark. You can do it in literally a minute. To do this, select a beautiful thin satin ribbon or braid and glue the tip to the last page. The other end can also be designed depending on your taste and desire. For example, attaching a small bead to it or making a fringe.

You can also decorate your workbook with an inner pocket. It will become especially convenient for schoolchildren. In it you can add the necessary tables and rules for a particular subject. You can make such a pocket from a colored sheet of paper or use a ready-made envelope.

If the notebook is supposed to be a personal diary, then in this pocket you can put memorable letters, notes and tickets from your favorite places you have visited.

In English language

Those who study English may like the idea of ​​using the appropriate topics. The variant with a glued UK map on the cover looks very original. In addition, the card is not only a stylish decoration, but also a loyal assistant in studies.

On it you can note the most famous places and monuments of the United Kingdom, stick the British flag nearby. You can cut a picture from a magazine, but it’s more interesting to do it yourself from a fabric. To do this, take the red, blue and white fabric and, according to the design of the flag of the country, cut out similar details and glue them with glue. Fix the finished flag on the cover. As you can see, making out an English notebook using our tips is not at all difficult. If you wish, you can always add something of your own.

To musicians

Creative people always want to stand out and show their unique personality to others. Therefore, they strive to decorate their clothes with some unusual accessories, make a non-standard hairstyle and in every way transform ordinary things.

If a creative person is fond of music, he will be interested to know how to arrange a music notebook.

The most popular idea for designing covers for musical notebooks is, of course, notes. You can choose the finished version with their image or draw by hand.

To design a music notebook, you can use liquid sparkles in tubes. So you can portray everything that comes to mind.

To indicate student information, cut an oval out of contrasting paper. Then draw the lines with a pencil and a ruler and write the name and surname.

Triangles in design

And finally, another option, how to properly design a notebook for stylish and fashionable youth. Since minimalism is very popular among the younger generation, the office has not been left out.

If you would like to somehow design your notebook, prepare some unnecessary glossy magazines and the blank itself. Cut out of them, selecting triangles according to colors and pictures. Then, following the conceived design, for example, as in the photo in the article, stick in the right order on the cover. Quite an unusual solution that will surely appeal to the future owner of the gift.