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Do-it-yourself tire swing for children: a simple step-by-step photo instruction


Almost any garage holds old used tires. It’s a pity to throw them away, and the environment suffers from the decomposition of this type of garbage, and hands can’t reach for recycling. So tires gather dust in the corner of the garage, taking up space. Meanwhile, they can find a very useful application. For example, to make a swing and to please the children in the yard.


Compared to wooden and plastic competitors Tire swings have a lot of advantages.

  • This is a solid and stable ride that is harder to break.
  • They are spacious, enough space for two adults or three children.
  • Several options for seat shapes can be made from tires. A creative person with original imagination can realize the most extraordinary ideas.
  • Rubber material easily tolerates precipitation, ultraviolet and sudden changes in temperature, so it is more durable construction.
  • An important advantage is the cost-effectiveness of the product. If there are unnecessary tires, the creator will have to spend only on the frame and mounts.
  • This is the least traumatic swing option. Rubber will soften the blow in case of a vacationer falling.
  • Even a person who is not particularly famous for his "golden" hands will cope with the manufacture of a swing from tires.


Despite the many advantages of a tire swing compared to its counterparts from other materials, this product also has one drawback that must be taken into account when assembling an attraction. Tires have a heavy weight, and therefore, for the safety of vacationers, it is necessary to use a reinforced frame and reliable fastenings in the manufacture of a swing.

Material selection and preparation

Choosing and preparing material for the manufacture of swings, Use the recommendations of specialists.

  • As for tires, it is better to give preference to import options. The fact is that domestic models are too solid, and this will create certain difficulties in the process of work. They are more difficult to cut and bend.
  • It is recommended to choose winter tires, it is more plastic unlike the summer version, and therefore will allow you to make a swing in an unusual shape.
  • A large tire diameter is suitable for a swing, but at the same time it is better to abandon the use of wheels for heavy special equipment, otherwise the design will not support the weight of the tires.
  • When choosing tires, special attention must be paid to the strength and strength of the material, because the safety of vacationers directly depends on this. It must be ensured that there is no damage to the coating.
  • Before making tires, rinse thoroughly from the outside and inside. It is better to use a special WD40 liquid that removes contaminants from the pores, but in general, a conventional dishwashing detergent is also suitable.

  • To prevent rainwater from accumulating inside future swings, drain holes should be made at the bottom of the tire.
  • When choosing a place for a swing, it is recommended to give preference to adult, but not old tall trees, on the trunk of which there is no damage. It is better that the branch that will be used as the base is 2.5-3 meters above the ground, below this branch on the trunk there should be no other branches and other elements that can prevent swaying.
  • The minimum thickness of the base is 25 cm. It is better to find a branch at the end of which a meter from the tree is a horizontal section bounded on opposite sides by other branches - if you hook the rope in this zone, it will not slip to the sides.
  • If you plan to install hanging swings on a rope, then it is better to choose special climbing varieties. And swing chains are also popular. The chain increases the durability of the structure, but can damage the tree.


Swing designs can be either vertical or horizontal. Let's start with the first option.

  • Screw eyebolts on one side of the selected tire.
  • Tie a rope or chain to the desired branch.
  • The ends of the rope to connect with screwed screws. If a chain is used, then the ends are fastened with carbines.
  • Fix the tire at the desired level, which is determined by the growth of the child. Usually, approximately 40 cm is left between the tire and the surface of the earth - this will allow a small child to sit on a swing on his own and easily jump.
  • Drill holes are required at the bottom of the tire. Thus, rainwater will not linger inside the device.
  • When the swings are ready, it is recommended to independently test them for strength, and only after making sure of the safety of the design, offer children to swing.
  • If there is a need, then you need to level the ground under the swing, remove stones and other objects that may interfere with the operation of the swing and the safety of vacationers.


This design is also not very complicated.

  • Install fasteners for tying on the flat side of the tire using eyebolts. If you plan to mount four supports, then you should screw in two bolts on both sides evenly. If there is a desire to make three supports, then it is necessary to arrange the fasteners along a conditional equilateral triangle with angles of 120 degrees. The distance must be calculated very carefully to avoid skewing future swings.
  • Attach a rope or chain to a branch.
  • Fasten the ends with the bolts by hanging the seat parallel to the ground.

This model is suitable for young children. For its manufacture it is necessary:

  • cut off the top edge of the tire with a knife without touching the rim,
  • use bolts to attach the brackets to install the rope or chain,
  • tie the ends of the rope with nautical knots on the brackets, remove the useless ends.

Swings can take various forms, such as chairs. This model will appeal to both children and adults.

  • Cut one rim off the tire. Do not throw out.
  • According to the diameter of the other rim, make a cut in half the circle and turn the product to the inside.
  • Close up the cut-off part for the rim, which should be the back.
  • Secure the kink section with bolts.
  • Insert eyebolts into the “armrests”, to which the ends of the rope are attached.
  • Hang the device on a branch.

Such a rocking chair from tires will please your children.

  • Cut the tire into two halves.
  • By means of screws, install a plate to the place of cut that is slightly wider and longer in length than the edges of the rubber product.
  • For safety, you need to attach a pen to the board. One of the options for the handle: make two holes on each side and pass a tight rope. Creative craftsmen can install a steering wheel from a car as a handle - this will make children even more interesting.

Pros and Cons of a Wheel Tire Swing

If you carefully analyze, then children's entertainment from the wheels has many advantages:

  1. Rubber wheels are durable material. Such a swing is almost impossible to break, deform.
  2. From different wheel sizes, a swing is obtained for all ages. You can make entertainment for adults, adolescents, children and even a cradle for a small child.
  3. If you show imagination, find it on the Internet or come up with an unusual pattern, then from the cut tire you get an original seat for a swing.
  4. Wheels are not afraid of heat, frost, rain and other natural phenomena. The swing will remain open year-round, and this will not decrease their service life.
  5. A big plus is the fact that do-it-yourself swings from old tires are free. Wheels seek out in a landfill. They will have to attach the material available at home: chains, rope, logs or boards.
  6. Primitive swings are considered less dangerous in terms of injury. If a child accidentally collides with a swaying seat, rubber will soften the blow. In extreme cases, you can get rid of a weak bruise.
  7. The swing is so simple to manufacture that even a person who has hands growing out of the wrong place can make them.

Among the minuses, two points can be noted. First, rubber in the heat gives off an unpleasant toxic smell. Secondly, the large wheels have an impressive weight. Reinforced support will be required so that the swing does not break.

What you need to make a swing from car tires

To get a safe and reliable game complex, for its manufacture you need to choose the right material. In particular, many requirements are imposed on wheels. After all, it was they who became the main material. However, the swing itself does not work out of the tires themselves.

Auxiliary elements will be required. A selection of tips will help you choose the right material:

  1. If possible, it is better to choose wheels from imported cars. Domestic tires are solid, will create discomfort for the child. In addition, such tires are more difficult to cut or bend a chair out of them.
  2. The most elastic is winter tires. Of these wheels, it is easier to make a swing in the form of a cradle, chair and other unusual shape.
  3. It is optimal to use wheels from cars for hanging swings. They have less weight. Tires from agricultural machinery are distinguished by their large size, impressive weight, and increased rigidity. It is better to bury them in the ground for the basis of a swing-balancer.
  4. Usually they create a swing from old tires, but they should not be very worn out. If the wire of the court peeks out of the rubber, then such material is dangerous. It needs to be thrown away.
  5. Old wheels are very dirty. Before use, tires are rinsed well with detergent.
  6. The shape of the tire is designed so that during the rain water will accumulate inside. The suspended wheel below must be drilled. Enough 2-3 holes with a diameter of 8 mm.
  7. A free support of a suspended swing is a tree. Here, too, you need to make the right choice. An adult tall tree with a thick and strong crown is suitable. On dry and thin branches it is impossible to suspend a wheel. They can break off.

When the material is prepared, it is time to create a swing out of tires with your own hands according to your favorite pattern.

Tire Swing Nest

A tire swing seat horizontally suspended on chains or ropes resembles a nest. Hence the name comes from.

The support is a thick branch of a tree or a self-installed crossbeam. It can be made from pipes or hewn logs. Two racks are buried on the sides. You can create two identical structures in the form of the letter “L” or “A” with a jumper for rigidity and simply install them on the surface of the earth. On top of the support connect the crossbar.

For suspension of a wheel in its lateral part screw eye bolts. They can be installed in four pieces, evenly spaced from each other. Each pair is connected by a chain thrown across the crossbar. The nest will swing only back and forth. In another embodiment, three eyebolts are installed at an equal distance. A piece of a chain about 1 m long is diverted from each eyelet. At the top they are brought together, connected to one chain and fixed to the crossbar. Such a nest will be able to swing and rotate around its axis.

Tire balancer swing

The classic design for pair skating is the balancer. The essence of the device is the presence of a support located in the center of the board. Two children are seated at the edges of the lever. Under the influence of their own weight and repulsion from the ground, their legs begin to swing.

Creating a swing from a tire with your own hands can be considered step by step in three options. For the first design, the support is made of a wheel. The tire is cut into two halves. Only one part is needed. On the edges of the cut insert pieces of boards. These will be embedded items. Their length corresponds to the width of the tread. Boards to the tire are fixed with self-tapping screws. For the next part of the swing, you need a board with a length of about 2 m. The workpiece is ground, a handle is attached from both edges. The board is bolted to the embedded elements on the bus. The wheel support should be located exactly in the center, otherwise there will be an edge on one side.

The balancer with a support is not tied to the ground. Swing can be moved anywhere. For aesthetics, the wheel and the board are painted with bright paint. You can draw patterns.

The next version of the balancer is tied to the ground. The support is made of two vertically dug logs or pipes. From the earth they protrude to a height of about 1 m. The parameter is selected according to the height of the children. Supports are installed parallel to each other at a distance of 50 cm. Coaxial holes are drilled at the top point, a jumper from a thick metal stud is inserted.

A hewn log 2 meters long is drilled in the center. String it on a hairpin between supports. Two nuts are screwed at both ends. At the edges of the logs are attached from a piece of board seats, set handles. In places where each seat, when lowering the lever, will rest on the ground, a wheel is vertically buried. During swinging, the swing will not hit the ground, but will spring from the tire.

The third version of the balancer is made in the form of a rocking chair for one child. As in the first design, the wheel is cut in half. At the ends they put mortgages from pieces of the board. The seat is made so that it matches the length of the semicircle of the cut wheel. The board is bolted to the embedded elements. Rocking chair is decorated with bright colors. On one hand, handles can be attached on request.

In the video, an example of a swing from a wheel:

Car tire swing cradle

If there is a small child, a garden swing from tires with their own hands is decorated with a cradle or an armchair.

For the first option, you need a large diameter wheel from the truck. With a knife, the tread and side shelf are cut to half. The rim rings themselves are left. The tread can be completely cut off or bent under the bottom of the cradle, where the ends are bolted together. The design for two rims is tied with a rope, suspended on a support.

For an older child, instead of the cradle, they make an original chair. There are two ways to open a tire. In the first version, you need two wheels from a car. The side shelves are completely cut with a knife. From one tread ring, a seat body with side panels is formed. The item is positioned horizontally. From the second ring they make the back and the seat itself. The part is perpendicularly bolted to the horizontal body.

In the second option, you need one wheel. Knife cut one side shelf. On the other hand, the rim is cut from the tread to half. Now it remains to unscrew the tire, create the shape of a chair, fix it with bolts. Ready swings are fastened with eyebolts and chains to the support. For a good example, in the photo the do-it-yourself swing from the wheel above is shown in two versions.

Useful Tips

A few useful tips will help to better equip the game complex for children, ensure safety, find new ideas:

  1. If the cradle is designed for the smallest children, additional safety will be provided by removable crossbars installed on both sides and fixed to the side shelves of the wheel.
  2. Tire painting not only from the outside, but also from the inside will get rid of the smell of rubber as much as possible.
  3. Using several tires, a children's swing from the wheels can be arranged in the form of a tractor, a turtle, a swan, a marine inhabitant.
  4. Periodically, adults need to check the strength of the mount. From rolling the ropes can fray.
  5. To prevent the child from smearing clothes, the swing is wiped with a damp rag before use.

For the winter, it is advisable to clean the swing in the barn. Tire frost is not terrible, and the ropes can sing. Chains rust. In the spring, children's entertainment will not be put back in place for long.

Tire swing characteristic

Such devices have pros and cons. Positive sides:

    You can make them with minimal cost, using improvised material,

Variant of the device swing from the tire

  • They don’t have sharp corners and hard surfaces that could injure the child,
  • Great variety of options,
  • Installation is possible everywhere: in the courtyard, in the barn, in the country, in the garden, on the banks of a river or reservoir,
  • Do-it-yourself installation is done in two hours.
  • The disadvantage is the smell emanating from rubber, which not everyone likes. You can get rid of it, or at least reduce it if you paint the tire inside and out. At the same time, it will acquire a more attractive look.

    Tire Swing Requirements

    First of all, they must be very reliable, as they are established for the most privileged members of society - children. Therefore, a strong tire is required, without cracks, damage. Preferred tires are SUVs, tractors, trucks. But it is better if it is of medium size, so that it is convenient to swing for both children and adults.

    Hang the tire on a strong rope or metal chain. So that the seat is firmly held in a horizontal position, it does not turn over; it can be made with triple fixation. From above, the device is attached to a horizontal beam, which can be a solid beam, a metal cross member or a thick branch of a strong tree.

    The distance from the ground to the seat should be such that the child can climb onto it without difficulty. The classic option is a double chain-mounted tire. Оно самое прочное, очень удобное, безопасное, так как, раскачиваясь можно держаться двумя руками.It is necessary to install ground or hanging garden swings in the country so that the playing children are always in front of their parents. When mounting ground structures using half of the tire as a support, it is always necessary to ensure their high stability.

    A variant of the device of children's swings in the form of animals

    So that the rocking-rocker does not fall on its side, it is better to use both parts of the cut tire for the base, holding them together along the entire semicircle. On the lever board, pens should be made for which the children will hold while swinging.

    It would seem that with such limited material one does not have to rely on diversity. But home craftsmen do wonders with their own hands. Therefore, tire products are as follows:

    • Ground rocking balancers in different variations,
    • Suspended swing with vertical and horizontal tires,
    • Curly swing cradles with seats made of tires, as well as with seats in the form of various animals and birds.

    Ground Rocking Rocker

    This is a classic version of the swing. Not a single playground in the yard can do without such a simple design. Two sit down on the edges of the lever-board and swing, then rising, then lowering.

    Instructions for the manufacture of ground rocking rocker from the tire

    To raise one shoulder of the swing, the child sitting on it is pushed off the ground, and his partner lands on his feet.

    Such devices are of the following types:

    • Swing on two car wheels,
    • Balancers on the halves of the tire,
    • Rocking chair from the tire for the children's room.

    To make such a balancing device with your own hands, you will need a strong smooth board made of wood or some other material and a strong support for it. The original basis for the swing can be two car wheels with tires, axially connected by a metal cross member, to which a lever is attached in the center.

    Swing on such a design like children and adults. It is also convenient because it can be moved effortlessly through its own courtyard or summer cottage. There is another version of the rocking-balancer.
    Take the wide tire from the wheel of a large machine, for example, a tractor or tractor, saw it across and use one half as a support. And you will need two tablets. One in size should be equal to the diameter of the tire and fit tightly into its upper part, where it is attached to the rubber with nails or screws. The second, long, is superimposed on the first and fastened with it.

    For the convenience and safety of rocking, pens should be attached to the board, preferably from soft material. Holes must be drilled in the lower part of the tire so that water does not accumulate in its cavity.

    More stable will be such devices in which two halves of the tire are installed as a support.

    They will need to be bolted together along the entire semicircle, and a long board should be fixed on top. Rubber for greater attractiveness should be painted in bright colors, apply drawings.

    An example of painting a children's swing from a tire

    You can make a small swinging balancer with your own hands to design a children's room, moreover, without special skills. The technology of its manufacture is the same, only the upper plank along the length should be no more than the diameter of the tire. To swing, sitting on it, you can only sideways, left and right. The edges of the armrests must be made so that the child can hold on to them.

    And if you ride the balancer from above, you get a new fun: it will be possible to swing back and forth. On the one hand, instead of the handle, you can fix the horse’s head carved from wood, and on the other, the tail. Such rocking chairs are very popular with young children. You can come up with a stylized figure of another animal. It depends on the ability and imagination of the pope.

    Tire swing

    They are also very easy to build with your own hands. The main thing is to find a suitable crossbar to hang them. This can be a horizontally growing thick branch of a tree, a beam in a barn or a specially mounted metal structure. And as a seat, of course, a car tire is suitable.

    You need to choose rubber without damage, and strengthen it with the more attractive side up.

    Before attaching ropes or chains, the tire should be thoroughly washed with detergent. The simplest swing is a tire vertically hanging on a single rope or chain. Do it yourself with your own hands. They ride on such a swing, putting their legs through the wheel and dangling them on the other side.

    Original tire swing swing design

    Swing, holding with one hand for a single mount. But this is not entirely convenient. Such a device is usually suspended from a tree by the river itself, and the boys, standing on the bus, or grabbing at its lower edge, swing as much as possible, and then jump into the water. True, not every child will decide on such an entertainment.

    In the yard or in the country, it is better to make a swing, in which the horizontal seat is held on a double fastener. It is desirable that this is a metal chain. Fasten it to the tire using cargo bolts, in which the ring instead of the head. For them, holes are drilled in the rubber, secured, and S-shaped hooks are inserted into the eyes. They are threaded into the lower chain links and clamped with pliers.

    Attaching Hooks to the Tire

    The upper ends of the suspensions are fixed on the crossbar. For convenience, a round wooden plank is placed on the tire, and a pillow or rug is placed on top of it.

    There is another version of the hanging swing - this is a cradle made of tires. They also do it with their own hands. With a shoe knife or other cutting tool, the tread is cut in a circle to the power ring of steel cord, leaving only part of the rubber for the seat. On top of the resulting circles attach a rope or chain and hang from the bar. On such a device you can swing even very small children.

    Curly swing

    Any rubber can be cut from rubber from a tire. By bending it, you can make a chair with a back. House craftsmen make swings in the form of various animals and birds. Sometimes near a private house there is a figurine of a horse on which the baby is swinging, sitting on horseback. Some make rubber birds, dragons, even cars and motorbikes. Children enthusiastically climb such rocking chairs. The dad’s fantasy is endless and they are willing to share it on the World Wide Web.

    Advantages of a tire ride

    A swing made of tires compares favorably with similar rides made of wood or plastic. Their main advantages are as follows:

    1. Tire swings are more durable, they are much harder to break.
    2. They are more comfortable and roomy, they can comfortably accommodate two adults or three children.
    3. A wide variety of seat shapes. A creative person can create from a tire a real work of art in the form of a royal throne or a saddle.
    4. Tire rubber is resistant to temperature extremes, precipitation and sunlight.
    5. Tires are durable, swing from them will serve more than one year.
    6. Cheapness. Creating a children's attraction from used tires will require expenses only on the frame and fasteners.
    7. Security. Rubber swing less traumatic for the child. Even if he falls and hits the tire, the blow will be less severe than from a wooden swing.

    However, such a swing has its drawbacks. The main one is that the tires have a fairly large weight. Therefore, in order to withstand the people sitting on them, a reinforced frame for a swing and reliable fasteners are required.

    What is needed for manufacturing?

    Everyone can make a swing from the old tire.

    The process of their manufacture is quite simple and does not require much time.

    If you show a little imagination and patience, then you can make an original attraction, which both children and adults will enjoy using.

    In order to make the simplest swing, you will need minimum materials and tools. It:

    • a well-sharpened knife
    • strong rope or iron chain,
    • a tree with a thick branch where you can hang a swing.

    note that distance from bottom edge tire-swing to the ground should be 70- 90 cm.

    For those who decide to process their warehouse of automotive rubber in the garage into useful products, we will tell you how to make your own children's swing from tires with your own hands.

    On a tree branch

    If you managed to find a tree with thick, reliable branch and free space for days, so you're in luck: you have the perfect place to install a swing.

    We make them as follows:

    1. Throw a strong thick rope through a tree branch. On one part of it we make a loop.
    2. We stretch this loop through the bus and firmly connected with the second end of the rope. The wheel is suspended vertically.

    It should be something like in the photo:

    This design is reliable and able to support the weight of even an adult.

    Rocking swing

    For kids, you can make a swing, reminiscent in design of a rocking horse.

    For them you will need:

    • half tire
    • wooden plank
    • plastic or metal handle.

    Such swings are made very simply:

    1. Tire cut in half.
    2. To the place of cut fasten the board with screws. In size, it should be slightly wider and longer than the edges of the tire.
    3. To make skating safe for the child, attach a pen to the board. It is best to buy a finished product with a thread already in the middle of the bases and equipped with nuts.
    4. In the surface of the board, make two holes to the size of the base of the handle. Insert the handle and fix it on the board with the nuts. Craftsmen can improve the design by attaching a steering wheel in front of the old car.
    5. The resulting rocking chair paint bright.

    Such a simple swing will become any place in the country for baby 2-4 years old.