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Overview of the Tumblr social network - its benefits in website promotion


When I put a tag in a message, Tumblr saves that tag. Meaning, when I start making a tag on another post later, it lists the suggestions for autocomplete from the previous tags that I made that have still been saved. How to make Tumblr stop this? I want to remove some tags that I think are already useless.

For tab suggestions, you need to go back to previous posts and delete them manually. Once this is done, you can disable outsourcing.

One way to check: go to and make sure that it is not there.

However, popular tags used by other Tumblrs will appear in offers.

If you have a Tumblr app, enter your search and look in the upper right corner of the screen. You will see the settings button or one of them, click on it and change Save this search so that it is not a saved tag.

Enter the tag you want to remove. When it appears, click it, then click untrack.

If you have an application, just click on the tracked tag and it will either say the track or track, and if you click on it to say the track, it will not be on your list of tracked tags. I do not know if this works on a computer or does not hope that it helped!

What is Tumblr, features

Toggle switch is a social network created in 2007 by David Karp, the main advantages are its intuitive interface and emphasis on customization.

It is also a separate subculture, which is especially actively driven by adolescents.

But in the Runet, the Tumbler is not represented very extensively, it lacks some convenient functions, the seo-return is not the highest, although it is present.

In 2013, the social network acquired a fairly high fame, surpassed Instagram.

As a result, Yahoo! became interested in its acquisition; the transaction was concluded on May 18, the amount - for $ 1.1 billion.

Users are encouraged to share information with others, repost and rate entries.

To facilitate the process of finding the right content on the site there are tags, the list of interests is quite high - from music and politics to food and art.

But in order to learn more about everything, you need to register, let's get started.

Registration in the social network Toggle switch, input, settings

Registration begins as usual, I click “Register”, a field appears - I enter my email, password and login (username):

Next I enter my age and confirm the terms of use:

Further, I confirm that I am not a robot, click “Finish” - actually the registration itself ends here:

On this, the entry is actually made, and this begins the “fit” for your interests, so that the network can fully meet your needs and advise only relevant content.

So, I select at least 5 sections:

I click “Next”, move to my account and the first thing I want to do is turn to the settings to make the profile as convenient as possible.

By the way, do not forget to confirm the registration - go to the post office and follow the link indicated there.

For settings you need to use the panel on the right - click on “Account”:

First, I get to the “Account” section with basic information about me.

Here you can change the email address or give access to other users to search for you on it, also set a different password.

Security is configured - this is, firstly, the ability to receive notifications by mail about visits to the profile, password change or authorization of a new application, as well as two-step authentication.

Or configure the ability to create audio posts using your phone, this section shows the browser activity that can be monitored.

The following settings relate to the tape - first of all, this is the interface, notification sounds:

As a text editor, you can choose a visual editor, the usual text / html code or Markdown.

The “Notifications” section allows you to edit the settings individually for each blog.

Note which of them you want to receive by e-mail, and which are not, alerts are set separately from users - “From all”, “From nobody”, “From those you read”.

Automatically set to receive Tumblr news, but this option can also be canceled in this section:

“Applications” - it is possible to download them to devices working with iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

I'm interested in an Android application, I choose this platform.

I follow the link and accordingly move to Google Play:

Naturally, the application is provided for free, the rating (on Google Play) is quite high - 4.4 out of 5.

If you are going to use a social network often, it will be a very useful additional tool for communication.

And another section of the settings - “Laboratory”, what is it?

These are experimental functions that are not officially offered to all users, but they are in test mode and can be used as you wish.

So-called experiments are also included individually:

  • “Timblr Indoor Club”. Thanks to this setting, posts from Tumblr personal groups are displayed in your user feed, subscriptions to other users are carried out automatically - a kind of closed club is created.
  • “Posts by the color of the blog.” This option makes it possible to make the blog more stylized; the design is proposed to edit posts in accordance with it.
  • “Queue 2.0”. This is a new queue planning system for non-group blogs and some other options.
  • “Reblog Charts”. You can track the movement schedules of posts directly in your feed, for large blogs this is a pretty convenient feature.

Next are all your blogs, they are individually configured, here is access to create new ones:

Make the necessary blog the main one, so that it is a priority, change the design.

I'll start with the name, for this I just click on the corresponding field “Untitled”.

The first parameter is “Show title”, that is, you can basically turn it off and not show it, then the font (boldness) and text color:

To make basic settings, click on the “pencil” on the right - here you will find access to edit the background:

You can set a photo for the background yourself, for this, click “Select photo” from your computer.

Next, it is proposed to change the position, it is dragged using the cursor, the degree of approximation is adjusted:

Here you can customize the avatar, set a description for the blog, choose the color of the accent and background:

In addition to the initial settings, in the settings it is proposed to change the username.

Or go to the section for more advanced background editing:

This section also sets encryption (downloading via SSL), provides access to favorite posts, sets the queue for publishing posts, sets privacy, blocked blogs, deletes an account, etc.

How to remove Tumblr I will tell a little later, but for now I would like to see how to use this social network.

How to use the microblogging service, what are its benefits for SEO

At the very top, you see access to creating posts - first you select the type of material (photo, audio, chat, etc.), then the message is edited.

For example, I want to specify a link to an article, click “Link”, insert it into the appropriate field, the message type is automatically generated.

I can add a description and tags, and also decide whether I will post or decide to postpone it, for example:

The post is created, here are some functions that I can use - to share:

It is selected to whom the message is intended, and the type of link, you can add a personal message.

The next icon is “reblog”, it is additionally proposed to attach a photo, video, gif, horizontal line, link to the new record.

The last icon is access to the post settings (change or delete).

Recommended blogs are in the right block, the feed scrolls automatically down (set initially), but this parameter is editable.

Above is the search bar, to the right is access to the ribbon, the following icon is an overview:

Everything is divided into sections for convenience, for “tracking” an interesting blog, just click “Read”, I can also mark the post by selecting “Like”:

After the "Survey" are "Inbox" and "Messages" - select the user to whom you want to send a message, a window appears:

In the upper right corner - the main functions (sound settings, the ability to delete and block the user), the window quickly minimizes, it can also be closed.

Below you write a message, you can select a gif from the list, either Enter or the arrow icon on the right is used to send.

And the last icons in the upper control panel are “Activity” and “Account”, about which I have already described everything in detail, the most extreme is quick access to post publication:

Next - everything is exactly the same, the type of message is selected, for example, chat:

The title is set, the correspondence itself, if necessary, tags, the operation is selected - “Publish”, “Save as draft” or other suitable ones:

For SEO, Tumbler’s benefit is that you get a certain profit from “dofollow” links in the form of rating growth.

For example, you publish some material and give a link to your site. At the same time, the number of reposts is exactly so many dofollow links that are now taken into account by search engines.

Also, constantly accompanying the post with a link to the site, you get an investment in the form of these attracted followers.

The main requirement is to make the content of your blog popular, interesting, then interest will play to your advantage.

The main idea is to connect each message with a link to your resource, then the return will increase many times.

You can delete a profile, as I already said, in the settings, click “Delete account”.

Then I re-enter my login details and select “Delete all”, no more confirmation is required from me - the profile and all blogs no longer exist.

The Tumblr social network is really adapted for the Russian-speaking user, the management tools are convenient, everything is very colorful and functional.

There is also sufficient potential for SEO if you use it correctly and position the product or site. This is a great blogosphere for lively and informative communication on interests.

PS. How to remove Tumbler, if it says that the username and password are incorrect

For some users, an error occurs at the last step (the system displays that the data is incorrect). If you have checked several times and are convinced that you enter your username and password without errors in English, then only official support can solve your problem. You can only contact in English. You need to proceed as follows:

Log out of your Tumblr account. Go to the main page. Below will be a series of links. Press on "Support". A feedback form will open. In the column "What happened"Select"Another reason". Next, write this text

I want to delete my account. At the last step, I’m asked to enter my email and password. I specify, but the system says that the data is incorrect.
How is this possible? After all, I’m authorized on the site without any problems.
Help me to delete my account.
My email: Indicate the mail to which your account is registered
My password: Enter a valid password

I also advise you to fill in the columns “Email mail account records"And"Relevant Blog". After a few days, the application will be reviewed and you will receive an answer. Usually it says that the problem is resolved and you can delete the account. Sometimes admins themselves delete the account for you.

Every week, Look At Me advises how to get the most out of popular apps. In the new issue - a worldwide collection of beautiful pictures and ridiculous jokes Tumblr.

1. Copy the link to the post directly from the tape.

One of Tumblr's developers' unintuitive decisions is the ability to copy a link to a post directly from the feed. Instead of going to a blog where you posted what you want to share, or copy links to each picture in a post, you can move the cursor to the upper right corner of the post. It seems as if the edge of the page is bent - that's where you need to click to get a link to the post.

2. Post to Tumblr on Pinterest.

Pinterest gained fame largely due to the ability to "stammer" the picture that attracted the Internet. This is done using extensions that either add the Pinterest button to all the pictures on the page or collect them in a separate window. But not everyone knows that Tumblr has a very similar function: apparently, because it is more likely to be perceived as a platform for blogs. You can add the Post to Tumblr button to the bookmarks bar - from here. Click on it, and a window will open in which all the pictures from the open page are collected.

3. Use keyboard shortcuts.

Yes, everyone is used to flipping Tumblr tape using scrolling, but professional tumblr girls use hot keys. To scroll down the tape, press J, up - K, L - to like the post, Tab - to enable the search.

4. See what other users like.

One of the nice features of Tumblr is to save all your likes in a separate log, which becomes a real mudboard. Suppose you are conducting an extremely gothic toggle - and a video with twerking dogs would seem out of place there. Finding a log with your own likes is easy, but Tumblr also lets you see what other users like. To do this, enter in the address bar of the browser and write the user’s nickname after the slash. If you do not want someone to see that you allow yourself to like, then you can hide the log from prying eyes in the settings.

5. Play with the URL.

Not all interesting things can be found in the toggle screen or on the toggle page. To make the search for posts more sophisticated, you can use URL templates with different functions. For example:

All posts in the thumblog on one page:

All posts in the tumbler with a specific tag:

All posts in the thumbloglog with a specific tag in chronological order:

All posts in the tumbler for a specific date:

Random post from the tumbler:

6. Edit posts in bulk.

If you suddenly realized that you need to put the #me tag on all the ridiculous pictures in your thumbnail, with the characters of which you feel a spiritual affinity, and you haven’t done this for years of blogging, then you can use the rather inconspicuous Mass Post Editor function. It is hidden in the feed, which displays only your posts (but not in the thumbnail itself). To do this, on the main Dashboard page, you need to click on the minimalistic image of a person in the upper right corner, then select your tumbler, and then find the Mass Post Editor in the right column in the opened page.

7. Set a timer for answers.

One of the most unpleasant things that readers of popular toggle blogs face is an endless stream of replies to messages from fans who make the tape not always an exciting AMA session. If you're a Tumblr star to some extent, you'd better not make fans angry and use the delayed replay feature. To do this, when you reply to a public message, hold down Alt and select the Queue option - this way you can evenly distribute posts.

8. Restore old themes.

Those who independently develop themes for their tumbler, then often regret that in the end they changed the custom version to something else. If your current design suddenly seemed too pretentious or, on the contrary, too “lean”, you can roll back to the previous version and not look for it in the extensive catalog of topics. To do this, use the log, which you can go to this link.