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Correct posture


Improper position of the head, when it is too tilted forward, can cause chronic pain, numbness of the hands and palms, improper breathing and even pinching of the nerves. This is due to the fact that every two or three centimeters on which your head is tilted forward add 4-5 kilograms of load on the neck! Many do not even realize that they have the wrong position of the neck and head. It is enough to pass a simple test to find out how long using the computer, watching TV or the wrong position during sleep have affected your posture and head position. Special stretching and strengthening exercises will help relieve muscle tension and other symptoms associated with improper position of the neck and head.

Correct posture is beautiful!

Correct posture supports the health of the whole body and the beauty of the face. The line of the spine in humans is such that it makes the muscles of the body able to overcome the force of gravity and keep your back straight. Weakened muscles can lead to sagging abdomen, back pain from the base of the neck to the sacrum, weakening of the calf muscles and muscles of the thighs, ossification of the lower back, loose skin on the face, and the appearance of a double chin.

It is very important to learn how to properly hold your body so that the muscles and skin of the face and neck do not deform.

Correcting incorrect posture and shoulder position

The position of your shoulders is an indicator of your mood. When you are upset, afraid of something or something annoys you, the muscles of the neck and shoulders tighten, breathing becomes frequent and shallow, adrenaline begins to stand out, and you become overworked.

People who lead an active lifestyle, are motile, have significantly fewer problems associated with pain in the muscles of the shoulders and neck. To ease muscle tension, it is recommended:

  • Engage in axial sip of the neck. Straighten yourself and, looking straight ahead, try to keep your chin parallel to the floor. Imagine that your head rises, stretches up. When you do axial stretching of the neck, you relax the muscles of the shoulders and they lower. As a result, you develop the correct posture.
  • Apply a hot shower on the neck and shoulders. This is the most effective muscle relaxant.

  • Perform physical exercises for tension and subsequent relaxation of different muscle groups.
  • Learn even and deep breathing, it also helps relieve muscle tension.

Tip: if you constantly feel pain that can be relieved only by analgesics, you should consult a doctor. You should also be examined if you feel numbness or tingling in some parts of the body.

How to straighten your posture

This article does not talk about how to conduct a comprehensive assessment of posture, in it I collected the 5 most common problems with posture, which, in my opinion, are caused by a sedentary lifestyle. For each posture problem, I highlight (1) the identification of the problem, (2) the cause, (3) the problem, and (4) the solution.

Keep in mind that the solutions listed in this article are only “possible” solutions, as some of the causes and problems cannot be fixed (that is, congenital issues or injuries). And finally, to be aware of whether any problem with posture can lead to other problems, since the human body is a single "kinetic chain".

Posture Problems # 1: Hyperpronation

Problem identification - As shown in the photo above, place both hands 1 inch from each side of your leg. Straighten the ankle so that the space between each hand and the ankle is the same. Now, loosen your ankle and foot. If they went inside, then you have hyperpronation.

The reasons - obesity, pregnancy, uncomfortable shoes and constant walking on a hard surface - all this can weaken the arch of the foot, which in turn leads to clubfoot and flat feet.

Problem - The clubfoot adds strain on the legs, tightens the muscles of the leg and damages the kneecaps. Excessive clubfoot often leads to plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spur, metatarsalgia, tendonitis and / or bump on the foot. Approximately 20-30% of Americans have club feet and flat feet.

Decision - If the arch of the foot is already violated, then the best solution in this case is to contact an orthopedist. If the arch of the foot is just starting to break, then you can strengthen it with the help of running / walking barefoot. But in any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor (the best way out is to contact a doctor).

Posture Problem # 2: Thigh Forward

Problem identification - Identification of the lean of the thigh forward can be quite difficult. One method is to bend the pelvis forward as far as possible, and then backward as well. You can bend the pelvis forward to the maximum.

Cause - A sedentary lifestyle, the absence of stretching exercises leads to a reduction in the flexion muscles of the thigh.

Problem - The forward lean of the thigh (the so-called anterior pelvic inclination) is associated with the hip flexors, which are not flexible a group of muscles on the front of the hips that pull the knee up. When you walk, stiff hip flexors prevent the gluteus muscles from participating, which in turn makes the muscles of the back of the thigh overloaded and too stiff. If you have overstrained muscles in the back of your thigh, the cause may be inflexible hip flexors and a tilted pelvis.

Decision - Stretch your hip flexors with static lunges, such as the moon sickle pose, activate your buttocks with special exercises and stretch the muscles of the back of your thigh.

Posture Problem # 3: Upper Back Curvature

Problem identification - Ask someone to take a profile picture of you. If you notice that your upper back is excessively curved (over 40-45 degrees), as in the photo on the right, then you have a curvature.

Cause - A sedentary lifestyle, for example, when you are working at a computer at the office.

The problem - sitting hunched over a computer, we tighten the muscles of the chest, which leads to curvature of the upper back (kyphosis). The muscles of the upper back responsible for posture become weak.

Decision - You can remove the clamp by massaging the chest area with a massage ball and performing other stretching exercises. My favorite exercise is rolling up the upper back.

Posture Problem # 4: Stooping

Problem identification - In this case, you can conduct a "Pencil Test", which provides the following: take a pencil (or pen) in each hand. As shown in the photo above, if the pencils point straight, then everything is in order with your posture. If the pencils look at each other, or are turned at an angle to the body, then this indicates a stoop.

Cause - A sedentary lifestyle, for example, when you are working at a computer at the office, or improperly performing strength exercises with excessive load on the pectoral muscles.

Problem - sitting hunched over at the computer, we clamp the muscles of the chest, which leads, which leads to stoop. In this case, the muscles of the upper back, which are responsible for posture, become weak.

Decision - The solution in this situation is very similar to the correction of curvature. Relieve chest tightness through myofascial relaxation (you can use the ball for massage) and stretching, as well as strengthening the muscles of the upper back.

Posture Problem # 5: Head Tilted Forward

Problem identification - Ask someone to take a profile picture of you. As shown in the photo on the right, find a protruding bone on your shoulder and check if it is located under the earlobe. If the earlobe comes forward, then you have obvious problems with posture.

Cause - A sedentary lifestyle, for example, when in the office you are working at a computer.

Problem - The muscles of the back of the neck and upper back are tightly clamped.

Decision - Firstly, try to sit correctly: keep your back straight, tilt your head a little back. Do not raise your head up as you tilt it back. Secondly, do massage or use a massage ball for the upper back to relax the muscles of the neck. It really helps.

These 5 affected posture problems are tench on the surface of such an important topic. I hope this article will help you think about your posture and will be very useful for you. If you are seriously thinking about correcting your posture, I recommend Kit Trigger Point Therapy Total Body.