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How to stay on a diet and not break


If you have come to the conclusion that eating only raw food is suitable for your lifestyle, and you have vowed to improve your health by eating healthy food, then this article will also appeal to you. Unfortunately, most people can follow this kind of diet for only a short period of time. Due to the large number of different kinds of temptations in newspapers and on television, it is not easy for many people to maintain their enthusiasm by eating raw foods.

If you happen to try to be a raw foodist, and you decide to continue to do this as long as possible, developing the habit of eating only raw foods, then we present to you a few steps that you can take into account to successfully walk along the path of a healthy lifestyle.

Method 1 Avoid the Temptation of Returning to Cooked Food

You have to experience many different kinds of temptations, especially when you just start to refuse cooked food. However, there are several wise ways to refrain from breaking your diet.

  1. 1 Try to stay away from sources of temptation. On the way to the grocery store, to buy fruits and vegetables, you should bypass those grocery stores that sell food that is tempting for you. If you constantly want to eat chocolate, then do not even come close to sites with this treat. The absence of forbidden food on the horizon will help you cope with the temptation.
    • If you can afford it, stop listening or watching an ad demonstrating how a courageous guy or a beautiful girl absorbs food that has nothing to do with health.
  2. 2 Remind yourself of the consequences of a diet violation. If you succumb to the temptation, then you will destroy all the benefits acquired over the years or months of patience. Eating only raw food has a very positive effect on your health, even though you still want to taste something boiled or fried. Eating a forbidden fried cutlet, you will not only damage your health, but also your consciousness, since you have not shown yourself as a man of iron will.
  3. 3 Keep a journal of the foods you eat. If you nevertheless break your fast and eat food, the useful properties of which were sacrificed to the culinary fire, then write down your feelings after that, that is, how you physically and mentally felt after eating this kind of food. Go back to reading your revelations about eating boiled or fried foods before you fall for the temptation again.
  4. 4 Get into the habit of eating only healthy foods. For example, if you suddenly remembered the taste of some delicious cake and it’s hard for you to control it, then eat an apple or berries, as well as pineapple, melon or grapes, which will help you overcome the flood of temptation with your head held high. Nuts will serve as an excellent substitute for fatty confectionery, but avoid peanuts, as this type of nuts is not very useful and it will be hard for you to stop. Tomatoes will come to protect your body if you are attracted to the salty.

Because of what you can break on a diet

The causes of disruptions vary greatly. Most often, they lie in the wrong choice of the diet itself, too much motivation (yes, oddly enough), in the absence of willpower and in the desire to get the result as quickly as possible. You will have to make a lot of efforts to eliminate these causes and ensure for yourself the most effective diet. So let's see what is best done so as not to break loose and maintain the diet to the end.

1. Choose only “hungry” diets

It is only at first it seems to you that for the sake of losing weight you can maintain a tough diet, for example, on water (a joke - usually on kefir or something like that with a minimum number of calories). Very soon it will become clear to you that you will no longer have the strength to continue to starve. For this reason, the diet must:

  • consist of at least three meals (or better, five),
  • drown out the feeling of hunger throughout the day completely,
  • include different products, and not just one (as with mono-diets).

You think this is impossible? You are mistaken. A great example is fractional nutrition, which fully meets these requirements. But other diets that prevent starvation are also full. Break on them is much harder than on mono-and express diets.

2. You can’t refuse sweet foods

In general, completely forbid yourself a certain product (or group of products) - this is not entirely correct. The exception is only absolutely junk food without any benefit to the body (like sausage, smoked meats or canned food). Sweet, although it stimulates the accumulation of fat, should still be present in the diet. Otherwise, your mood will be very big trouble. If you eat a slice of dark chocolate once a day, nothing terrible will happen to the diet and you. But the mood will improve and there will be forces to keep further from a breakdown and overeating.

There are many sweet foods that you can during a diet. These are pastille, fruit natural marmalade, dried fruits. Of course, they should be few - only 30-40 grams per day, not more. But such an amount is quite enough.

3. It is necessary to forbid yourself alcohol during the diet

What can happen to you if you drink a little champagne glass? It would seem okay. It seems to have no calories in it. So, do not worry about a diet? But no. If you drink alcohol, staying on a diet will be much more difficult. It provokes appetite, moreover, without real need. In addition, you will lose full control over the actions and, quite possibly, will fall apart. It is better to wait for the completion of the weight loss program before drinking something strong.

4. Eliminate external stimuli and stimulants

How can you stay on a diet if there is a constant temptation nearby? There are cookies in the cupboard. Here - relatives or friends called for a visit. And on the desktop of the computer - some goodies are drawn ... No, this will not work. The fewer irritants around, the better.

Try not to even look at people who eat food. It doesn’t matter if it’s your colleagues or just characters of films (TV shows). Walk around the store with your eyes closed. A joke, of course. But there is some truth in it. In order not to buy something superfluous, do not visit the departments with prepared dishes.

5. Choose a hobby or just an interesting thing

In order not to break loose during the diet, it is worth trying to distract yourself from thoughts about food. And what could be better in this case, if not some exciting hobby. It is especially useful for an evening pastime when “hungry thoughts” are especially strong. Such tricks are suitable for distraction:

  • devote an evening to reading a book or watching a series,
  • spend more time with relatives and friends (only not in a cafe),
  • keep a diary and record all the experiences associated with the diet,
  • put a warning or “scary picture” on the refrigerator,
  • go to bed early (moreover, this in itself is useful).

You yourself will be able to come up with activities that will surely distract you and allow you to refrain from eating excess food. The main thing is ingenuity and the ability to motivate oneself.

6. Save energy in moderation for the benefit of the diet

Of course, for more effective and quick weight loss, physical activity is necessary. But this does not mean that you must necessarily exhaust yourself with training. To do more than 30-40 minutes a day does not make sense anyway. And if you overwork, then hunger will certainly appear. That is, you have to find the right balance between stress and a feeling of satiety. And, for example, if on some day you were actively engaged in physical affairs, put things in order, etc., then training is no longer needed. The body has received a sufficient load and does not need additional.

How else can you not get off on a diet

Do not disdain other classical methods of self-control. Of these, the most popular are keeping a food diary, buying products exactly according to the list (necessary for a diet), and the lack of prepared food in the house. Do not eat with others "for company", try to avoid cooking for the whole family. You can better control yourself and stay on a diet. The probability of a breakdown always remains, but at least it will be lower.

Keeping on a diet and not breaking loose is only half the battle

There are many ways to motivate to help withstand a diet. We met here the most useful. But be sure to remember that resisting the temptations is one thing, but really losing weight is another. Indeed, in addition to the correct diet, your lifestyle influences the figure as a whole. Moderate activity, lack of bad habits, adequate sleep is what you need. Keep this in mind and watch the video approved by Madame Georgette. Then you can surely achieve the figure that you have been dreaming about for a long time!

Why can't you stay on raw food for a long time? Detailed explanation.

A little bit about the breakdowns. Often people ask me for advice on how to resist disruptions, how to switch to a clean raw food diet. At the same time, they are amazed at how I managed to "stay" in raw food diet for so many years. For example:

My dream is to become a russula. For now, I only envy the people who could. I somehow start and start, but on the trail. day I’ll definitely eat something, And even whole days I’m eating something wrong) How did you manage not to break down so much time. For me, this is not comprehensible to the mind. How is it possible to so seriously reorganize only from reading a book on raw food diet - this is unique! I read Arnold Eret, and I really wanted to, started, but could not resist, now I just dream to start again”.

AND is always it turns out that those who can’t stay on a raw food diet, eat too little. But they do not realize this and think that they eat in normal quantities. And, of course, when they see how much I eat, it strikes them. In fact, it is for this reason that constant breakdowns occur, for this reason it is impossible to be on a raw food diet for a long time - because the body is always hungry, there is a constant malnutrition (sometimes hidden, imperceptible for trying to switch to a raw food diet). That is why disruptions to harmfulness occur, because they are caloric than one apple or one banana or a light cabbage salad. The body needs calories. And when they are not enough, then disruptions occur, uncontrolled. This is only a protective reaction of the body. You do not need to think that you are somehow wrong, that you can’t eat raw food, that you have very tight willpower. If your body receives the right amount of calories from raw plant foods, you will not have any breakdowns. It is a fact. Moreover, no willpower is needed!

Understand if the body is not getting the right amount the right calories (primarily fruit), it requires the wrong calories (what we call stalls). If the body did not have this function, then people would die out. A person does not have fruit - he eats boiled vegetables. No boiled vegetables - eat meat products. Etc. If you gave your body an INSUFFICIENT amount of fruit, and he would put up with it and did not require the right amount of calories (in the form of breakdowns for junk food), then severe exhaustion, loss of health, and then death would occur first.

Every day you need to get at least 2,000 calories a day for women and 3,000 calories for men. There is an excellent site that counts how many calories you ate. Super convenient! Go to it, click on the Add Food button, start there to enter the name of the fruit, berry or vegetable in English, select the desired one and indicate the quantity (either in grams or the number of pieces). Nowhere is easier. Those who cannot resist raw food will immediately see how few calories they eat per day.

Look here in what quantities I eat.

If for some reason it’s difficult for you to gain calories on only one fruit (for example, in winter and spring the poor quality of fruits, for example, almost all fruits are acidic, for example, very expensive), then try to eat on the Raw till 4 system, more about this I wrote here.

PS: anyone can be a raw food expert. It's just that it’s easier for fans to eat a lot, and those who eat like a bird, the more difficult they are, they constantly break down. In fact, the habit of eating too little comes from the fact that people are accustomed to boiled oily high-calorie foods, which really do not need to eat a lot, it is concentrated, in a small portion contains many calories. But with raw foods, everything is not so, on the contrary, you need to eat a LOT. All herbivores eat a lot. And by nature, people tend to eat a lot. But over the years, centuries, they forgot about it because of concentrated high-calorie cooked food.

Method 2 Make a schedule for yourself and follow it

The development of a sustainable lifestyle will contribute to a more successful transitional period in favor of raw food.

  1. 1 Refrain from overeating. It is very important to eat at the same time every day, which sets the body's internal clock, which will activate the feeling of hunger when you are ready for this, and not at the most inopportune moment, a few meters from a chocolate bar or marshmallows.
    • Avoid any distractions when eating food that helps you absorb food at a normal rate. If something distracts you, then you will begin to absorb food faster, without even realizing it. When this happens, you will not be able to determine when you are full, and you will continue to eat even more food blindly. This strategy will help you satisfy hunger only with raw food without attempting to cook.
  2. 2 Spend more time with people who also eat only raw food. Most often, the reason for eating unhealthy food is the desire to correspond to the majority of people around you, but if you are friends and most importantly eat with people who are close in spirit and nutritional interests, then you will simplify your task of moving to raw food diet.
  3. 3 Be physically active. Everyone knows that physical education is a great way to stay healthy, but it also brings other benefits. A sporting lifestyle will have a beneficial effect on your positive mood, pushing aside the craving for useless food. Any exercises involving meditation will help you focus on your goals.

Method 3 Maintain Optimism

You have taken a very important step in favor of a healthy lifestyle, and now it is important to maintain a good mood in this regard.

  1. 1 Be proud of yourself, you are well done! Sometimes buy yourself a reward for stamina. Let it be some exotic fruit or other edible good of nature, which you usually refused because of price or other circumstances. And also, you can reward yourself with an inedible gift in the form of an exquisite wardrobe element or a trip to an interesting film.
  2. 2 Do not be too cruel to yourself. Do not expose yourself to the Inquisition if you break the diet. Remember that a healthy lifestyle is a long distance, not a short one, so do not blame yourself for deviations from the diet, you will catch up. Realize that you are just a person and it’s your nature to make mistakes, think, correct and the like. Learn from your mistakes and move on.