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10 Facebook Messenger Features Few Know About


incl. 04 June 2019. Posted in Android - General

How to enable dark theme in Facebook messenger. Do you use Facebook messenger on Android or iPhone? Did you know that in this application you can activate the dark design "night mode"? We are telling ...

Why do we need a dark theme? If you often use the Facebook messenger at night, then you probably noticed that your eyes are very tired of the white color used in the usual theme. When using the "dark mode theme" your eyes get tired much less.

So far, in the usual way, you can’t just turn on and turn on the dark theme on Facebook, so do this:

1. Open the Facebook messenger app on Android or iPhone

2. Open any correspondence

3. Send the interlocutor emoji “month”

4. Wait for the animation from the falling months to pass.

5. A message appears asking you to turn on the dark mode

6. Activate the mode

If it will be necessary to disable the dark theme, then click on your profile picture and turn off the option.

3. Pause the notification

Sometimes you just want to take a break from annoying messages, sometimes it is necessary so that nothing distracts from urgent work. In the Messenger, you can turn off notifications for all interlocutors or for some particularly annoying.

For all chats, notification is turned off in Settings> Notifications> Disable> Choose the time for disconnection

To muffle a particular person, go to chat with him, tap on the name at the top of the screen> Notifications> Choose a time

7. Went GIFs, Not Stickers

They are much more fun and diverse. On the conversation page, touch the More button (three dots) and select the application for searching for gifs. (We recommend GIPHY to start.) You will be transferred to Appstore to install the application. In it, you can search for animated images by keywords or by category.

Dark mode

Dark mode is in fashion. Whether it’s an operating system, email, or a browser, you can probably turn on dark mode. Black and gray colors for some phones and laptops will extend battery life. And if you ever checked your phone “just really fast” in a movie theater or after you turned off the lights in your bedroom, you might find that bright light themes will dazzle everyone.

Now you can add another application to the list of “dark” thanks to the official update in Facebook Messenger. Fortunately, the process is simple. Just a couple of steps, and a crescent moon is not required. Here is what you need to do.

How to turn on dark mode

To turn on dark mode, open the Facebook messenger and click on the photo of your account.

Then click on the “Night mode” switch, which is located directly under your name.

And that’s all, you should see that the dark mode will turn on immediately.

Unfortunately, this setting must be enabled for each device. Therefore, if you use Messenger from several phones and tablets, you need to repeat the process on all devices.

10. Log out of your account in the “Messenger” on your smartphone

In the application "Messenger" there is no way to log out of your account. Therefore, you need to work around. Go to the security settings on the main or mobile version of Facebook. Next: on the desktop, find the item “Where are you from”, in the mobile version - “Active sessions”. Complete the Messenger session.