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All guys like my girlfriend


A true friend is able to understand, sympathize, give advice, share your interests. However, finding such a girl is becoming increasingly difficult. Strong relationships between people are not facilitated by a rapidly changing life, its high pace and daily stress.

With age, the problem of true friends also worsens. In childhood, it was enough to have common hobbies. The older a person becomes, the more demands are placed on potential friends. Indeed, it is difficult to communicate and understand each other with people of a different circle, a different upbringing, social status and with a different worldview from you.

At the same time, there are many places where you can find a girlfriend. If your hobbies include several points, perhaps you will meet a nice girl at training courses, in a fitness center, in an interest club. A great place to make new friends is work. The main thing is not to stay apart, to be open to communication. At the workplace, you spend the lion's share of time. Therefore, it is worth focusing your searches on the office. Take a closer look at your colleagues, do not miss the opportunity to participate in corporate events, try not to dine alone, look for common topics.

By the way, one of the topics - professional activity - you have. So, you already have something to base your communication with a girl on.

Get ready for a new friendship. It is important to understand that to establish a new contact you will need time, internal strength. Relations with friends should also be done. Only in this way can a strong alliance be created. With a new friend you need to communicate, have fun, share experiences.

Try to constantly deepen your relationship until you reach true emotional closeness and become inseparable friends. Be sincere and honest. Try not only to get positive emotions from communication, but also to give something in return. Girlfriends not only share information, but also provide assistance in difficult situations.

A true friend is distinguished by tact, indifference, generosity, kindness and goodwill. To be a true friend, you need to build trust. Know how to keep other people's secrets. Excessive talkativeness will make you a poor conversationalist. Learn to listen. This skill will make you a real support group for the girl. True friendship is manifested in the ability to share joyful and sorrowful moments.

Do not try to cheat on your girlfriend and pretend. Understand that on a subconscious level, people feel cheated and attempted manipulation. Keep the word given to your girlfriend. Let her understand that you can count on you. Be mindful and punctual. It is also important to respect the opinion of the girl and refrain from harsh criticism of her.

Remember that a friend expects support from you.

Treasure your relationship with a friend. Sometimes you have to compromise and be flexible. Otherwise, you risk losing relationships at an early stage of their inception. Between friends, there may be disagreements and misunderstandings. But true friends are kept together by a desire to quickly make peace and forget grievances.

Silina Marina Valentinovna

Lisa, good time. It is probably very difficult to be friends with a girlfriend that all guys like.) But it is highly respected that you hold on with dignity, do not try to get angry, envious, or avoid friendship with such a "demanded" girlfriend. And trying to learn how to live with it. Indeed, it is not very pleasant to feel not so significant against the background of a friend. And this cannot but affect your attitude to yourself. Surely next to her, each time you feel the comparison is not in your favor, and begin to behave accordingly, without even realizing it. And if you stop comparing yourself, and you behave and feel beautiful, independent, free, attractive, confident, regardless of who is next to you, you will gain the strength to which people are drawn, including guys. You can do it! So you already have the strength not to envy, but to be next to such a girlfriend. I wish you good luck, patience and wisdom. Sincerely.

Silina Marina Valentinovna, psychologist Ivanovo

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Paryugina Oksana Vladimirovna

Of course, this is very disappointing and unpleasant when you find yourself together with young people, your friend receives all the attention. This cannot but affect the mood. Because any girl would like to be singled out among others. And if this happens often, then it can affect your self-esteem too. Your girlfriend probably has something that makes others pay attention to themselves. And this may not necessarily be her appearance. It can be easy temper, cheerfulness, the ability to flirt, flirt with young people. But what exactly attracts young people a little is the lowered mood. So to let go of this problem, you first need to believe in yourself that you are also capable of being attractive and attractive to young people. But not in comparison with your girlfriend, but on its own. Beauty is a relative phenomenon. Some like blondes, others like brunettes. Everyone immediately likes impossible, and why? Love happens to someone specifically, and not to everyone. You can meet young people to like them, or you can have fun and have a good time. God forbid, your smile will be the beginning of love. Therefore, smile at yourself more often, and everything is sure to work out.

Paryugina Oksana Vladimirovna, psychologist Ivanovo

We take a shadow position

If a friend decided to introduce you to her lover, then do everything possible so as not to disappoint her in yourself. First, forget that you have to look stunning. Leave miniskirts and a bewitching neckline for your dates, and put on something more earthly to meet with your girlfriend and her beloved man. Of course, if you do not have a question about how to discourage a guy from a girlfriend.

Even if you love to be in the spotlight, to amaze listeners with jokes and surprise men with an unusual mind for women, make an effort and restrain your impulses. Let your girlfriend remain the queen of the evening on this day, and you modestly take a shadow position and admire her wit and resourcefulness. Remember: there are many men around, but finding a good girlfriend is not easy!

No compromising

Some girls are very fond of dropping their girlfriends in the eyes of guys. Try not to be like such persons. Never compromise your girlfriends in front of men. You should not make public the fact that before meeting him, the girl was spinning an affair with a basketball player from a famous club, and even earlier her friend was a young man who was not yet 18 years old.

When a young man doesn’t remember that party, when you had to accompany a girlfriend who was barely on his feet, he doesn’t need to hear from you about all her shortcomings. Leave secrets on her conscience - if she considers it necessary to share an unattractive biography with her beloved, then let her do it herself.

Do not make friends

Do not forget that the man’s girlfriend is just an acquaintance with whom you don’t have to be friends. Do not try to find common interests with him, do not rejoice if he, like you, loves dogs, embroiders a cross in the evenings or loves fishing. Make friends only with a friend, and with her lover just maintain a neutral relationship.

Avoid talking alone

Do not, under any circumstances, look for reasons to be left alone with a girlfriend's girlfriend. Do not ask him to take you home in the evening, do not ask to be taken to the station and do not think to offer to visit, to have coffee or repair the switch in the hallway. That is how stories begin in which a girl caught a guy with a friend, and then female friendship came to an end.

Disappoint in yourself

If, despite all the measures taken, a man looks in your direction with “oily” eyes and utters unambiguous hints, include a new plan - start to disappoint him in yourself. If he loves serious girls, then play the role of a frivolous, windy and selfish person.

If he is not against an easy affair, then make it clear that you are ready to consider only serious relationships that end in marriage, and everything else does not interest you at all.

What to do if boyfriend girlfriend starts to like

It also happens that a girlfriend's lover begins to be liked not just like an outsider. To prevent this from happening, you must first set the installation that the friend’s boyfriend is a brother, relative, not a man at all, but just a sexless person.

A girl who has fallen in love with her best friend’s boyfriend can be advised to disassemble the object of her sudden feelings by the bones - to find in him such flaws that will forever repel any interest. All meetings will have to be excluded, even if the temptation is not available.

And the last - never tell your friend that you noticed her boyfriend’s indifference to himself. Gather strength to endure this test silently - and your friendship will never be in danger.