Useful Tips

What to look for when pre-selling a car?


Wash the machine using two-phase technology. The appearance of the car is the first thing the buyer pays attention to. Wash the body. Choose a high-quality car wash where cars are washed according to two-phase technology: first with shampoo, then with foam and a sponge. Such a gentle wash does not scratch the body. The price of the service is 500-700 rubles.

If the surface of the body is rough, ask the master to clean it of bitumen, corrosion and traces of insects. After cleaning, the car will become pleasant to the touch, just like the iPhone you just bought. When the buyer passes his hand on the body, he will be pleasantly surprised.

Remove chips on the bumper. Most of the chips on the bumper, especially if you often ride on the highway. The most noticeable is better to paint over. The main thing is to choose the right paint.

If you are going to tint the chips yourself, find out the paint code - you will need it in a paint shop. The code is printed on the door counter, under the hood or on the roof of the trunk. Sometimes the information is contained in the VIN code.

Buy a thin brush, it is sold in any stationery store. The paint dries immediately in the air, so you have to work quickly. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves, paint is difficult to wash off.

The master remove chips on the bumper will cost 500 rubles.

Remove Traces of an Accident. After accidents, dents remain on the body. If the buyer finds them, he will ask them to lower the price or refuse to buy them. To prevent this, remove damage in advance. Contact your car service or body repair center. Service cost - from 500 rubles per dent.

If you did not get into an accident, still check the body - snow could fall on the car from the roof or a cat from a tree. To find a dent, inspect the body in bright daylight.

If the dent is large and could not be completely removed, do not worry. Talk with the buyer, tell us about the dent. Honesty is credible, and the car may appeal to the buyer, despite the disadvantage.

Polish the body. A polished car is easier to sell - it looks better in photos, videos and live. Do not polish your body yourself if you are not a specialist. It is easy to burn varnish with a polishing machine. Holograms may remain on the body - stains in the form of circles, noticeable in daylight.

Before selling, it is quite easy to polish with medium abrasive and anti-hologram pastes - it will give the car shine and gloss. The cost of easy polishing is from 2,500 to 15,000 rubles.

If there are deep scratches on the body, they can be removed locally. Ask the wizard about this. Check if tinting is included in the service. Before polishing, many deteyling studios paint over chips on the body. You may not have to pay extra for the service.

The car can not be polished, but covered with wax. It's cheaper. Wax will hide scratches and chips, the body will shine. When the composition is washed off after 2-3 washings, the new owner will be unpleasantly surprised.

Remember, a polished car can only be washed using two-phase technology. On a simple wash, the body will be scratched and spoiled.

What does the buyer first of all pay attention to

  • No dents, chips or scratches on the body.
  • There should be no emergency traces.
  • On the appearance of the cabin.
  • Mandatory presence of factory painting.
  • Well, if all the welds are factory.

If you prepare the car correctly, then you can sell it very quickly.

Why do you need pre-sale preparation of a car

This preparation of the machine is carried out with the aim of:

  • Raise the value of the car.
  • Increase the chances of a quick sale of the vehicle.
  • Create the first favorable impression of the car.
  • Eliminate minor flaws.

Such measures should be taken on the basis of economic feasibility. First, you should evaluate what work can be done without investing a lot of money.

How does preparing a car for sale begin?

Tip number 1. Before you begin pre-sale preparation of the machine, evaluate its appropriateness.

It is important to remember that preparing a car for sale always involves costs that may not be justified. For example, if the cost of preparation is 30-40% of the sale price of a car, you should definitely refuse it, although you still have to do some manipulations with the car, because there is a risk not to sell it at all. In any case, always evaluate not only the total amount of preparation of the car for sale, but also the costs of individual stages of this procedure - this will make it easier for you to decide what you can refuse and what not.

An important addition: do-it-yourself car pre-sale is always cheaper than in a car service.

The integrity and cleanliness of the car body is a prerequisite for a successful sale

A strong first impression of the car is a serious impulse to buy it, so in no case do not neglect to put gloss on the car both outside and inside. After thoroughly washing the car, pay attention to signs of corrosion and chips on its paintwork.

Tip number 2. A rust converter based on phosphoric acid, as well as a unique super agent called “Coca-Cola” will help to overcome the foci of body corrosion.

After processing chips and areas affected by corrosion, they must be carefully painted over. After the paint dries, it is advisable to polish the car - so you can hide small scratches and make the tinted areas less noticeable. Finish the exterior treatment of the body can be coated with liquid wax.

Presale preparation of the car interior

Cleaning the inside of the car is the second mandatory step in preparing the “swallows” for sale and includes the following manipulations:

  • Careful interior cleaning with a vacuum cleaner
  • Disposal of all available debris
  • Ashtray washing
  • Dry cleaning of strong stains on chairs.

Tip number 3. If your car interior has strong, indestructible spots on the seats, it is better not to waste your energy on dry cleaning, but simply buy new covers.

How to get rid of unpleasant odors in the cabin?

  1. If you smoke, stop doing this in the car at least a month before the date of its proposed sale.
  2. When choosing cleaning products for the inside of a car, consider the compatibility of their smells and better buy polishes and sprays with neutral perfumes, such as Citrus or Apple.
  3. Replace the cabin filter.

How to prepare a car for sale in terms of technical condition

Tip number 6. Among the technical disadvantages of the car, first of all, it is necessary to correct those that are felt when driving and affect the comfort of movement.

First of all, check if the universal joint is knocking on the suspension and crosspiece. Before selling the machine, it is also necessary to replace all blown bulbs and check the integrity of the fuses. In principle, these are the basic stages of technical preparation of a car for sale, which you can do yourself and which should never be neglected.

In conclusion, we offer to watch a video about how to prepare a car for showing to the prospective buyer, using a specific example:

Presale vehicle preparation: interior

Clean up. Remove personal items from the passenger compartment. Sort them. Put the necessary ones in a container or bag, unnecessary - feel free to throw them away. The insurance policy for 2009 is unlikely to be useful, and a rattle or nest egg can be taken home. After wet cleaning with an ordinary rag.

If there is an unpleasant smell in the cabin, there are drawings and spots on the seats, dry cleaning is needed. A salon smoked and painted by children will scare away even loyal customers.

Dry clean. You can try to do dry cleaning yourself, but it is better to contact a car wash or a deteyling center. Some contaminants cannot be removed manually, and buying professional equipment is expensive.

In a clean interior, there may be separate dirty areas - for example, the floor under the driver's seat or the front seats. In order not to splurge on a full dry cleaning service, order a local one. For comparison: dry cleaning of the front seats costs a thousand rubles, a full dry cleaning of the cabin - 3-5 thousand.

Car pre-sale preparation: wheels

Clean discs. It is necessary to clean them of bitumen, rust and dust that flies from the brake pads. The approximate price of the service at the car wash is 200 rubles, at the deteyling studio - 1500 rubles.

You can clean it yourself. Buy car shampoo, cleanser and white spirit. Wash disks with car shampoo and treat with solvent to remove bitumen. After a couple of minutes, rinse them with clean water and dry. Put a cleaner on the discs and leave the product and wait another 1-2 minutes. Rinse off with water. The discs will become clean, rust and dust will disappear.

Disk cleaner costs from 200 to 1500 rubles. White Spirit - 70 rubles per liter.

Black rubber. Rubber quickly loses color due to ultraviolet light, road chemicals and car chemicals. You can update the color of tires at a car service or at a car wash. Service price - 50–100 rubles.

You can save here. An aerosol can for blackening tires is sold even at Auchan. The price is 100 rubles, the funds will be enough for 5-10 times. It can be spent on a new car. Most likely, at the sink, the rubber will be painted with the same spray can.

Remove cracks and chips on the windshield. Do not try to remove the crack yourself, it can "go" further. The cost of the service is low and depends on the length of the crack: one centimeter - 50 rubles.

Do the same with chips. The chip can not be left in a conspicuous place, in the center of the glass - it is better to remove it. Repair costs from 400 rubles. The price depends on the size and type of chip.

What is better not to do

Do not wash the motor. If you fill the engine with water, the electronics will fail and the dashboard will display an error. The engine will run intermittently or will not start at an important moment - when you show the car to the buyer.

Do not bother. If the car is clean inside and shiny outside, preparing it for sale will be easy. Carry out wet cleaning in the cabin, wash and clean the body - this will be enough. If in three years you have never done dry cleaning, and the car has become dull from scratches - order pre-sale preparation.

  • Remove traces of an accident and get rid of chips
  • Clean in the cabin and clean the discs
  • Wash and polish the machine