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How to remove stains from acrylic paint


Acrylic paints are distinguished by brightness, durability and versatility. They are widely used in construction, during repair work, in art craft. Acrylic process walls and ceilings in an apartment, paint facades, and trim decorative grilles and fences. If such paint got on the fabric, you should clean your clothes as soon as possible.

A fresh stain can be easily removed with improvised products containing a small amount of alcohol, while dealing with obsolete contaminants is quite difficult. To get rid of old dried spots, you will have to use aggressive chemicals, the effects of which not all materials withstand.

Composition and properties of acrylic paint

Acrylic paint consists of water, a suspension of tiny particles of acrylic resin and pigment. As it dries, the water molecules evaporate, and a solid, colorful layer of resin particles remains on the surface.

The composition of acrylic paints contains the following components:

  • acrylic resin polymer dispersion,
  • a coloring pigment that gives the paint a color and makes the composition opaque,
  • thinner - water or solvent, used to reduce the viscosity of the paint,
  • various additives and fillers to strengthen the colorful film, mat the surface, increase the adhesion of the paint to the treated surface.

One of the advantages of acrylic paint is its wear resistance and the strength of the connection with the painted surface. Experienced housewives know that sometimes it is impossible to completely get rid of traces of acrylic that has fallen on clothing. It is always easier to remove the dirt left by those paints where water is used as a diluent.

If you start cleaning immediately, then you can do the usual washing. The case is complicated when an organic solvent acts as a diluent. To completely remove stains of this kind, it is necessary to choose the right detergent, since water alone cannot be dispensed with.

How to remove fresh acrylic spots

Dealing with fresh dirt is always easier than removing the old dried stain. Therefore, if you notice acrylic spots on your trousers or blouse, you should immediately start cleaning your clothes.

For starters, you can try to wash off the soiled thing with the help of laundry soap or ordinary laundry detergent.

  • Before starting the wash, the product is laid out on a flat surface and the excess paint is removed with a paper towel, carefully applying it to the blot.
  • Then the thing is turned inside out and the place of pollution is washed away under a stream of cold water.
  • For greater effect, the soiled piece of fabric can be treated with laundry soap and, if the structure of the material allows, rubbed with a clothes brush.
  • After that, the product is soaked in soapy water for half an hour and machine washed, setting the washing regime recommended for the fabric being treated and the water temperature.

However, it is not always possible to remove even fresh spots from acrylic paint. Most often, special substances have to be used to help dissolve the acrylic resin layer, for example, isopropyl alcohol, hair spray, ammonia in combination with vinegar or a wiper.

Isopropyl alcohol

One of the commonly available agents used to remove stains of paint from clothing is isopropyl alcohol, or isopropanol in another way. It can be purchased at the pharmacy or on the Internet, and it costs a penny.

The stain is moistened with alcohol so that the film of paint is well saturated. Then, using a toothpick, knife or other object with a sharp edge, the paint is scraped off, moving from the periphery to the center of pollution. The more acrylic is removed, the better the end result. After that, the product is machine washed and dried in the usual way. If traces of paint remain on the fabric, the cleaning process can be repeated.

Ammonia and vinegar

A mixture of ammonia, vinegar and salt can be used as a means to clean clothes from stains of acrylic. To prepare the composition, mix vinegar and ammonia, taken in equal amounts, and add a pinch of salt. Before processing, it is best to soak the clothes for several minutes in cold water. The main thing is to ensure that the place of contamination is completely saturated with water.

After this, the stain is wiped with a sponge or gauze swab dipped in a prepared solution of vinegar and ammonia until it completely disappears.

Hair spray

In every household there is at least one remedy that contains alcohol. To clean clothes from fresh acrylic spots, hair spray, a glass cleaner, and nail polish remover are suitable.

Important! When using improvised means, it is necessary to first check their effect on the fabric by treating a small area of ​​matter in an inconspicuous place.

The technology for cleaning stains with hairspray is as follows: spray the product onto a sponge or rag of cotton cloth and wipe the place of contamination with it, after which the product is machine washed.

How to deal with old spots

It is much more difficult, but quite possible, to get rid of the old dried stain that appeared on clothes while working with acrylic paints. For this, refined gasoline, white spirit or acetone are quite suitable.

When starting to clean the product, first of all, it is necessary to scrape off the bulk of the paint from the surface of the fabric. Then, having moistened a flap of cotton cloth in one of the listed substances, gently rub the stained area, moving from the edge of the spot to the middle. So that the paint does not go beyond the stain, the area around the contamination should be moistened with water and sprinkled with talc.

The thing treated with gasoline or acetone is loaded into the drum of the machine and washed in the usual way. In order to get rid of the unpleasant odor coming from clothes after using chemicals, you can add conditioner at the end of the wash.

It is always easier to prevent the appearance of stains from paint than to then deal with such pollution. Despite the fact that there are many ways to cope with such a nuisance at home, it is better to carry out all painting work in special clothing.

How to clean a fresh stain from acrylic paint

As soon as you find fresh traces of paint on your clothes, you must immediately remove them. To do this qualitatively, follow the following procedure:

  • Before cleaning the stain “get wet”. This can be done using a piece of cloth or a paper towel. The main thing is not to rub the "blot", otherwise it will become even larger, and the dye is stronger "eat" into the fibers.
  • Rinse the soiled area with plenty of cool water, after turning the clothes on the wrong side.
  • Use household soap or liquid dishwashing detergent to clean the contaminated area. If the item is not sewn from a dense fabric, it is permissible to rub the spots with a brush.
  • After soaking the product in a solution of laundry soap for 3-4 hours.
  • Rinse the item in plenty of running water. If you do not want to do this yourself, send the clothes to the washing machine and turn on the rinse.

This method is suitable for removing fresh and small contaminants. If the coloring composition was on the fabric for a long time, more serious means will have to be used.

Ammonia, vinegar and salt

Spot removal is also carried out using ammonia. First, rinse the contaminated area well with cool water to remove most of the paint.
Then take one glass of ammonia, mix it with a similar amount of table vinegar, and add a few pinches of salt. Moisten the sponge in the resulting composition and abundantly soak it with contamination.

After the paint composition has come off the clothes, rinse the item under running water, and then wash it in a washing machine.

Does acrylic wash off clothes

Before deciding which method to use to remove the dye, the following recommendations should be noted:

  • fresh stains are always easier to remove than old ones, so it's best to start work right away,
  • it is advisable to clean clothes on which small spots are visible, if the product is completely smeared with paint, then it remains only to throw it away,
  • coarse, dense fabric, for example, denim, is easier to wipe off than light - chintz or chiffon,
  • when working with coarse fabrics, you can use a brush, while it is necessary to remove dirt from a delicate material gently and delicately.

Acrylic coloring agents consist of polymers which, when dried, form a solid film and are eaten into the fibers of the material. Therefore, lightning-fast actions are an important criterion for success - until the dye has absorbed. In this case, you can remove it easily and quickly. If the stain is old, then you will have to use more aggressive substances. Dry acrylic paint can be removed from a dense material with a toothbrush or knife, but it is unlikely that it can be removed from delicate fabrics.

How to wash acrylic paint in folk ways

To wipe off acrylic paint from any fabric within the first hour after application, you can, if you soak the dirt with a paper towel, and if necessary, scrape it off with a sharp knife. Then soak the product in a stain remover and wash in the usual way. You can use a sponge and soap. Dip a sponge into the soap solution and gently wash the dye without smearing it. An old stain that appeared on clothing more than 24 hours ago is removed using a similar method with the addition of a degreaser.

If there are no special tools at hand, then you can use such improvised components as:

  • sunflower oil,
  • vinegar,
  • ammonia,
  • solvent,
  • Scotch.

All folk methods are repeatedly tested by real people and deserve great attention due to its simplicity and effectiveness. If acrylic paints remain on the clothes after washing, you should try another method or take the product to dry cleaning, where the stains are removed with chemicals.

How to wash acrylic paint from clothing with vinegar and ammonia

To remove acrylic by the most common and effective method, you will need:

  • table vinegar
  • ammonia,
  • not iodized salt.

  1. Vinegar and alcohol are taken in equal proportions, a little salt is added to the mixture.
  2. The fabric with the stain is soaked for 5 minutes so that the contamination is completely saturated.
  3. Remove it with a sponge or cloth swab dipped in acetic mixture.
  4. Erase the usual way.

Does paint wash off clothes

It is worth noting that in most cases, the removal of dyes from textiles is considered a difficult task because of the ability of the material to absorb. The main thing to pay attention to is the type of fabric and paint itself, the amount of contamination, the elapsed time since the appearance of the stain.

Acrylic paints that have fallen on clothing can be easily removed with water if the stain is fresh. Old pollution will have to be washed using special means.

Removing fresh traces of paint from clothing

It is quite difficult to notice the appearance of stains on clothes during the repair process, as well as being carried away by the creative process, so often pollution is already detected when the paint partially dries. It should be noted that a fresh drop is considered a drop of acrylic, which has a dense structure on the outside, but still quite soft inside. It is not difficult to remove such spots if you follow a simple instruction:

Soak clothes in water

  • If the fabric from which the clothes are made is rather dense, then you can try to remove a slightly dried drop of paint with a sharp object. For delicate fabrics, this method is not suitable and should immediately proceed to the second paragraph.
  • Fresh blot should be removed gradually. First, the product is soaked in a basin with clean water for an hour and a half, and then, when the stain becomes almost colorless, a soap solution is used for cleaning.

On a note! The easiest way to get rid of traces of paint is to use a special wash. Before use, you need to read the instructions and make sure that the product does not spoil the fabric.

Removing dried acrylic paint from clothing

If the spot was detected after the dye had completely dried, then a lot of effort would have to be done to remove it. Wipe off a dried stain gradually:

  • Try to remove the remaining paint with a scraper, knife or any suitable item.
  • Treat the surface of the stain with one of the folk remedies or use a wash.
  • After cleansing the fabric from traces, the clothes need to be washed, dried and, if necessary, repeat all the steps.

On a note! Typically, acrylic-based dyes are almost odorless, and ironing clothes from the wrong side will help to get rid of it permanently.

How to remove a small stain from the fabric

The smaller the stain, the more difficult it is to notice, so small splashes of paint on clothes usually dry out. Such small spots are easiest to remove from a denim or other dense fabric by scraping. For finer materials, you need to apply any of the cleaning methods. When choosing what to wash off acrylic paint from clothes, it is necessary to take into account the type of fabric and the color saturation of the stain.

Powder and Butter

A place contaminated with acrylic paint should be treated with a piece of butter. Fatty components will dissolve the surface layer of the dye and polymer additives. Then you need to rub the stain with a brush with a small amount of washing powder and wash the item in normal washing mode.

Ethyl alcohol is a good solvent and successfully helps fight stains. The alcohol solution, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, is applied to contaminated clothing with a cotton pad and rubbed towards the center. After removing the stain, the clothes are washed, dried and ironed on the back side.

Dense fabrics, such as jeans, will remove acetone from acrylic paint. The product is toxic and has a pungent odor, so work should be carried out in a well-ventilated area. The procedure is similar when cleaning with alcohol, but this method is not suitable if you want to wash colored fabrics.

Laundry soap

A universal remedy that helps fight stains of various origins. Using a toothbrush, you need to put laundry soap on the area where the paint got and rub it lightly. After cleaning, wash clothes in normal mode.

Ethyl alcohol and dishwashing liquid

To remove stains from paint, you can use a solution of alcohol and any detergent intended for cleaning dishes.

Mix these ingredients in a 1: 1 ratio, soak an old toothbrush in the resulting solution and wipe the area cleaned well. In this way, even an old stain can be removed.

And it also copes well with dried acrylic nail polish remover and artificial eyelash remover.

We bring dried stains from clothes

If you notice too late that you got dirty in acrylic paint and the stain has already dried, you will need stronger solvents. In this situation, gasoline (refined), acetone or white spirit will do.

Before using this or that means, try to scratch off a paint. To do this, use a toothpick, hard brush, blade or knife. The main thing - try not to damage the material.

To remove the stain with refined gasoline, acetone or mineral spirits, take the stained clothing and spread it on a flat surface. Dip a cloth or sponge in the solvent, and carefully treat the contaminated area, moving from the edges of the stain to its central part. If after this there is a small trace of paint, wash this area with laundry soap. Then rinse your clothes and send them to the washing machine.

If the dirt is not amenable to any of these compounds, try to remove the stain with the help of special solvents for paints, which are in construction stores and are intended for cleaning brushes after painting work.

Before using aggressive formulations, make sure that they are safe for clothing. To do this, treat the product with a small area of ​​tissue in an inconspicuous place, and only then proceed to work.

Remember that synthetics cannot be cleaned this way; holes will appear on the fabric. But if the work suit is made of dense natural material, you can try to cope with the problem with the help of strong solvents.

If you stained clothing with acrylic paint - do not despair, and do not rush to part with the thing. Of all the above methods, you will surely find one that will help get rid of trouble.

How to remove acrylic paint from clothing with alcohol

Stains on clothing from acrylic paint are removed using isopropyl alcohol, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.

  1. The contaminated area is moistened with alcohol so that it is well saturated.
  2. Берут любой предмет с острыми краями – для больших по размеру пятен подойдет нож, маленькие можно удалить и обычной зубочисткой.
  3. The dye is scraped off with a sharp object, gently removing small particles, moving from the edges to the center.
  4. Clothes are washed in the usual way - in a washing machine or manually, dried.

How to wipe acrylic paint off clothing with gasoline

Gasoline or thinner are aggressive agents that can cope with old paintwork. Such a treatment can only withstand dense, coarse fabrics. For your own safety, it is better to arm yourself with goggles and gloves.

  1. With a sharp knife, a stiff brush remove the top of the ink layer.
  2. They lay the product on a flat surface and treat the stain with a cotton swab dipped in gasoline.
  3. Remove the dye, moving from the edges to the center.
  4. Rinse the item thoroughly in warm water.
  5. Erase the usual way.

In the same way, wash dried acrylic paint from clothing using:

  • acetone
  • kerosene,
  • white spirit
  • nail polish remover.

To prevent the acrylic stain from spreading, its edges are moistened with water or sprinkled with talc. Thus, it can be easily removed without allowing the dye component to be absorbed into the fabric fibers, going beyond the edges of the contamination. The unpleasant odor after chemicals is eliminated by rinsing, adding aromatic conditioner to the water.

How to clean acrylic paint with laundry soap

To wash acrylic paint with laundry soap in the following way:

  1. The product is laid out on a flat surface.
  2. Using a paper towel, gently pressing it, remove excess paint component.
  3. Turn out clothes and wash under running cold water.
  4. The stain is treated with laundry soap.
  5. In a soapy solution, the product is soaked for at least 30 minutes, after which it is washed in a washing machine with the optimal mode and at a suitable water temperature.

How to remove acrylic paint from a fabric using household chemicals

Acrylic paint is washed off from clothes and when exposed to household chemicals. There are several means:

  1. Window cleaner dissolves and removes fresh coloring pigments. It is applied and left until the stain softens. Remove with a toothbrush, wash clothes in the usual way.
  2. Detergent for dishes is especially effective in removing fresh paint and varnish. They remove stains in the same way as in the previous version. Detergents will cope with old, dried spots on a dense, durable material. If it is not possible to remove old pollution, you should try a solvent, gasoline or acetone, which have a very aggressive effect, but are not used for delicate, delicate materials.
  3. Dried stains are removed with a kitchen cleaner mixed with alcohol. A toothbrush and a tinder of dirt are dipped into the mixture.
  4. Oxygen bleach removes dyes on light, white things. It is enough to apply it on the stain and stand for 60 minutes, after which wash the clothes.

It is not possible to simply remove dried acrylic paint without preliminary treatment. Before you remove it using aggressive, chemical agents, it is better to check on an inconspicuous part of the product to see if it will ruin the fabric.